How often and when should the windows be cleaned?

Washing windows is a seemingly simple activity that can take a very long time and cause headaches. The biggest problem in its implementation is the stripes that appear immediately after washing the window, the elimination of which requires a lot of patience and accuracy. For this reason, a large group of people do not like to wash windows, because it is associated with mercilessly appearing streaks even after several wipes of the glass. Hence the growing popularity of companies and people providing cleaning services, in particular window cleaning.

Windows should be washed at least several times a year, preferably once a month, except during the winter months. This is dictated by weather conditions. A rainy, cold day does not allow washing the windows. It is best to wash the windows at an air temperature of 10-25 degrees Celsius and in light cloudiness. A sunny day is not the best time to clean windows – the sun’s rays create streaks.

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