Dua Lipa Creates Peekaboo Thong for Her Latest Look

One Thong: The Peekaboo G-String Trend Continues with Dua Lipa x Versace Collaboration

It’s official: the controversial “whale tail” or peekaboo G-string trend is not going away anytime soon. In fact, it seems to be gaining popularity among fashion-conscious celebrities and designers alike. The latest to embrace the daring look is none other than Dua Lipa, the British-Albanian pop star known for her boundary-pushing fashion choices.

According to a recent announcement from Versace, Lipa is set to collaborate with the fashion house on a new collection that will debut during a fashion show in Cannes, France, on May 23. The collection will reportedly feature an iconic Versace logo peekaboo thong, which Lipa herself modeled in a black-and-white still with Donatella Versace.

In a press release, Lipa expressed her excitement about the project, stating: “For [Versace] to give me the honor of co-designing this collection and letting all my summer inspirations go wild has been a dream.” Donatella, for her part, praised Lipa’s creative vision and described her as “strong, fearless, and free.”

This collaboration is not the first time Lipa has incorporated the peekaboo trend into her wardrobe. In 2021, she made headlines by wearing a cutout Mônot gown that showed off a very visible Savage X Fenty thong on Instagram. Earlier this year, she also rang in 2023 in a crystal mesh Ludovic de Saint Sernin party dress with a plunging back that put her undies on display.

Despite the controversy and criticism surrounding the trend, it seems to be gaining traction among celebrities and influencers who embrace a more unapologetic, body-positive approach to fashion. And when it comes to bold choices, Dua Lipa is definitely leading the pack.

Of course, Lipa’s love affair with Versace goes beyond the peekaboo thong. She has been a fan of the brand for years and has worn several Versace designs to high-profile events, including the Grammys. In 2021, she famously made her runway debut for the brand, and she attended their star-studded Los Angeles show this March.

Whether you love it or hate it, the peekaboo thong trend is clearly not going away anytime soon. And with more fashion icons like Dua Lipa embracing it, it’s sure to continue making headlines and turning heads. Who knows—maybe one thong really is all it takes to become a style icon.

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