Oatmeal Diet For Weight Loss

The oat diet is not losing popularity. It is enough to switch to porridge one day a week to lose a few kilos. The one-day oatmeal diet is effective especially when you are slightly overweight and want to lose it quickly.

Oat Diet – Oat Day

We can practice this diet for a long time. One day a week on petals alone will not deplete us of nutrients, and will effectively help you lose a few kilograms of excess weight. During this one day, we only eat oatmeal meals. For example, in the morning we cook five tablespoons of cereal in a glass of milk until well cooked. Determined people can limit themselves to the petals themselves.

If you find it difficult to swallow such asexual food, add a tablespoon of raisins, a few slices of sliced ​​candied ginger, or half a grated raw apple. For dinner, you can boil flakes with water or vegetable broth and candied ginger or a few florets of broccoli or cauliflower. For a snack, you can toast cereal and eat it with natural yoghurt and fresh fruit (apple, orange, kiwi), for dinner, cook cereal with water and a little carrot or with dried tomatoes well drained from the marinade or olives.


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