Denim skirt in the lead role – a trend for all of us

The denim skirt is an iconic garment from the 90s. Now it appears in a new fashionable version as a trend in many versions – as a denim midi skirt, black, white and classic blue. According to the designers, styling with a denim skirt must stand out with a tone of nonchalance. Check out where you can buy the best styles and how you can style them fashionably.

Which denim skirt is in fashion? Knee-length and straight cut. It should not be too tight, but a little looser and above all comfortable, not restrict movement. The shade also means something: it is warm classic blue denim. The skirt can be made of smaller or larger parts of denim with a different shade, ie. patchwork quilt. He presented such denim skirts Hedi Slimane in the collection Celine. Another trend is a denim skirt with a split to the middle of the thigh and asymmetrical, for example a little shorter at the front and longer at the back. And finally, an imaginative, bolder version, that is, a denim skirt made of two pieces of denim with different colors or with frayed ends. Or both.

The black denim skirt is another trend promoted by fashion designers. The black color makes it timeless and independent of seasonal trends. Black denim skirt is an excellent base for many styles. The muted color guarantees that it will be perfect for both everyday and informal evening occasions, such as meeting friends or going to the club. The black denim skirt is easy to style and create many original appearance. They combine it with white shirts, elegant polka dot blouses, T-shirts, sweaters and even short hoodies. A black denim skirt will also fit perfectly with satin tops and ovesize jackets – in the evening version.

A white denim skirt is a cut that also regularly appears in fashion trends. Unlike looks, it is not just a way to look timeless nautical style. A white denim skirt offers many styling options for different occasions. For an elegant look, go for a simple pencil skirt model below the knees. It gives a white denim skirt a sophisticated look character. This cut can be easily combined with shirts, elegant shirts with sasher, cashmere sweaters, wool cardigans and jackets. If you are a fan of nautical styling, choose a combination of a white denim skirt with a striped blouse and high-heeled sandals. Effect? Classic and ultrafeminine.

Designers suggest some interesting styling ideas with a denim skirt. ON Stella McCartney The denim skirt comes in a set with a translucent white T-shirt, a gray blazer with a masculine cut and tied sandals. Apparently mismatched garments create a lot effective styling. Depending on the accessory, it can be worn on many occasions: with golden high heels and a large necklace it will be perfect for the evening. In the mentioned collection Celine The denim skirt was dressed in aesthetics from the 70’s. Designers added a light paisley blouse, a jacket with shiny appliqués and beige suede ankle boots in the spirit of the decade to the button-down model. In turn, the American brand Coach is dependent on well-known combinations, ie a denim skirt in a duet with a denim shirt. ON Givenchy Grunge reigns, and the models wear denim skirts with suede blouses that reflect the Victorian style.

Denim skirt midi is a classic that will look great simple sets, for example, with a shirt blouse made of silk or viscose. It will also work with a white cotton T-shirt with loose sleeves and a leather jacket, and on colder days – with a colorful sweater with thick fabric. When styling with a denim skirt, do not forget to add high heels, this time low: mules or sandals made of thin belts will look great.

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