Case study: successful you must invest the soul

B2B Fashion is a project that not only helps you find and buy the brand thing at the most affordable prices, but also a platform where start-ups can build your small business by selling things on the Internet.

On its work in B2B Fashion:

Soon it will be 3 years already we are registered and sell to B2B Fashion. This is one of the major sites for sales. Really like that site grows and the opportunity to sell not only women’s clothes, but also children and men.
I do not remember when was the last time committed purchase me things in actual stores. It is so much easier and saves time: chose the necessary thing, agreed with the seller — walked away with email — and all!
The future of the Internet, especially for those people who live in small towns.
B2B Fashion — it’s a full-time job and the main source of income. Even more than just a job. I have often meant that don’t have days off and clear timetables, as others. Every day we update our range respond to buyers, even in the middle of the night and ship daily. The funny incident is when we did order the night 3:00:)
In General, if you work on itself, “vyzhimaesh yourself to the Max.

About the “secret” to success:

By nature I’m a perfectionist. And it’s already borders on insanity (laughs) . Every Gizmo I select with the utmost thoroughness, several times doing different layouts to “uncover” thing in all its glory. After the photo shoot is over, I try to do the maximum and description provide measurements.

These all action takes a lot of strength and nerves). And every time I’m still displeased with the results of their work, and it seems that I can get better. This is what motivates me every day to find the best things to do and more beautiful images and continually grow not only in the eyes of customers, but also for their own.
Communication with customers is my private eccentricity. I try to always be in touch (holiday abroad does not prevent me to lie on the beach and continuously updated B2B page Fashion), meet at the speed of light, to understand and hear customer’s desire to communicate is not formulaic phrases, and often, my desire to become a better justified:)
The most enjoyable moment in the work is the feedback. When the posvjashhaesh themselves to work all day, it is not possible to make new acquaintances or meet with friends as often as I’d like. But I fully get the necessary dose of positive and sincerity from their buyers.


B2B Fashion