A successful case of professional seller on B2B Fashion

Shop Moda Fashion is a successful case of professional seller to B2B Fashion. Today it is a successful European brands shop Massimo Dutti, COS, RAINS & Other Stories and Uterque. The guys have already launched their own online store, but B2B Fashion remains a significant sales channel for them, we are very proud of.

About yourself and your business experience

In B2B Fashion we have three years, but actively use the site started much later than the date of registration. Started business with a showroom, but for a year the shop brought only damages because it was decided to close and move online. Lo and behold, restoring passwords, we come across once created profile B2B Fashion and saw that we have sufficient communication from interested users, which gave impetus and confidence in its decision and to create an online store.

About B2B Fashion as online sales channel

We already have a website, but nonetheless we still B2B Fashion remains an important sales channel, because we have regular customers and often come up with new. There is enough good service: the advantage is in the diversity of choice, this means that every customer can find the best seller by the spirit, and vice versa. Each chooses a convenient way of communicating, a convenient method of payment convenient conditions for the acquisition and as a result many find exactly what you are looking for.

24MyFashion.com, of course, is not a full-fledged online stores, but has quite a lot of good features. Keeping your profile doesn’t take much time. Probably someone B2B Fashion will be sufficient for the conduct of a small business, it depends on ambition, plans and objectives of development.

B2B Fashion