How to dress in a casino: dress code for women

For women, a trip to the has long been a reason to fork out for a spectacular new dress and high heels. Despite the fact that in some countries there is no dress code in the casino – you can even come in jeans and a T-shirt – in other countries you should pay a little more attention to your appearance.

If there is no desire to dress up like on the red carpet, there is a win-win compromise: we combine elegance with comfort.

Perfect for a casual maxi dress or a pencil skirt, in the summer – a dress with a floral print and low-heeled sandals.

Flat shoes are also appropriate – these can be pumps, ballet flats or boots, but not sneakers and sneakers. If you want to look like a Hollywood diva, then a cocktail dress of some classic color is always welcome: black, dark red or dark blue.

“Gold” or “silver” is allowed, but not too shiny. Add some matching jewelry to complete the look.

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