How to dress in a casino: dress code for men

Athletic or too “relaxed” clothes in the are still inappropriate, but it is also not necessary to play James Bond. Smart casual wear is more than acceptable in most casinos these days, and you can even wear straight-leg jeans with peace of mind.

Wear oxfords and a polo or dress shirt for a casual yet presentable look. If you frequent the more expensive establishments (or just want to dress up for a special evening), you can simply wear a button-down shirt and a pair of dark trousers. Again, elegant oxford shoes are the perfect accent to your look, which can also be completed with a tie or a semi-formal fitted blazer.

And the last tip: do not be afraid of the contrast in the colors of the shirt and trousers. In 2022, the rules associated with avoiding clashing colors and bright colors are almost a thing of the past, so be bolder in expressing your personality and being creative.

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