Top Accessory Trends of Spring/Summer 2018

When it comes to accessories, there are those born of necessity and those born of frivolity. Fall 2018’s best extras are a delightful mix of both.

From baker boy hats to red thigh-high boots, these are the coolest accessories trendsspotted at Spring/Summer 2018 fashion weeks. When it comes to accessories, there are those born of necessity and those born of frivolity. Fall 2018’s best extras are a delightful mix of both. In the practical column are the outdoorsy boots and backpacks that can withstand—or at least appear to be able to—the perilous world we now live in, and the enormous bags of all shapes and materials that can carry a person wherever she or he may go. As for fun, there’s a new emphasis on statement shoes, clunky dad sneakers, and ever-impractical gloves that render a touchscreen phone essentially useless.

Tiny Sunglasses Are Here to StayThe teeny, tiny, almost-not-there-at-all sunglasses trend started by Bella Hadid and her fellow Insta babes will still be going strong come Spring 2018.

Bags Come in All-New ShapesClassic bag silhouettes will never go out of style, but on the Spring runways, designers were thinking less in terms of the lady bag and more about geometric forms. Take Paco Rabanne’s cube bag, a perfect square in caramel leather sized for a night on the town, or Gabriela Hearst’s Nina bag as prime examples of the new possibilities for what your bag could be.

Boots Are Made for WalkingStilettos didn’t have a very good season.


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