Fall 2018 Jewelry Trends – Earrings, Necklaces

One of the most visually arresting Fall 2018 Jewelry Trends – the singular earring. There is something intoxicatingly decisive about this look. It is such a simple modification on a tried and true accessory but it looks radically original. As far as shapes go, circles made a lasting impression on designers for their fall/ winter 2018-2019 jewelry creations. Circles have an enigmatic appeal; they are simple yet contain dimension within their sleek and elegant form. The shape also lends itself to a variety of silhouettes, from industrial to tribal to futuristic. Though we did see some dainty bracelets grace the runways, the favored aesthetic by and large was the chunky and ornate cuff. Cuff bracelets are a favorite among the stylish set for many reasons, one of the most celebrated being their likeness to a sculptural work of art.

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