Tips to Buy the Right Hearing Aid


A hearing aid is a small-sized electronic device which amplifies sound so that a person with hearing loss can hear well. A hearing aid includes an amplifier, a speaker, and a microphone. The microphone receives sound signals, converts them into electrical signals, and sends them to the amplifier. The amplifier improves the strength of the signals and sends to the speaker, thereby, helping to improve hearing ability.

Hearing aid types

  • Completely in canal
  • Invisible in the canal
  • In the ear
  • In the canal
  • Receiver in the canal
  • Behind the ear

A person can choose any hearing aid, according to his choice. While choosing hearing aids, there are various things that are to be considered. These include lifestyle, dexterity, types of hearing loss, and hearing aid features. There are many benefits of using a hearing aid. These include the following:

  • A hearing aid helps to hear low pitch sounds as well, which otherwise are difficult to detect for a person with hearing loss.
  • A hearing aid helps to hear speech over the phone more easily and clearly.
  • A hearing aid helps to communicate more comfortably and easily.
  • A hearing aid helps to improve the ability to hear in noisy environments as well.

While choosing a hearing aid or the best brand of hearing aid, a person has to look at various factors like sound quality, value for money, reliability, ease of fit, ease of use, aesthetics, connectivity, support system, and battery life.

Popular brands of hearing aids

  • Resound: This brand is continuously striving for innovations and is aiming to get better results in hearing aids performance. They have 2.4 GHz technology for a better understanding of speech. Their latest hearing aids price is $2650.
  • Bernafon: It is one of the oldest brands of hearing aids. It is the best choice for those looking for low budget aids and for first-time users as well. They offer quality devices at lower prices. The average price Berbafon Serena hearing aid is $1950.
  • Starkey: It was the first brand which introduced the canal hearing aid type. This brand has a charitable foundation that dispenses hearing aids to those who require it the most. The average price of  Starkey hearing aids is around $1450.
  • Oticon: It is top in connectivity and wireless streaming. They manufactured the first Internet of thing (IoT) hearing aid. Oticon Open hearing aids are priced at around $2450.
  • Widex: It is known for being a leader in the hearing aid industry with devices that can connect with iPhones. Widex Evoke is the latest hearing aid which costs around $1800.

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