6 Popular Thomas Engine Toys from Fisher-Price


Fisher-Price is one of the leading brands that make age-specific educational toys for kids. One of the most popular toys has been the Fisher-Price Thomas engine toy. Thomas is a tank engine, and there are multiple characters and toys in the collection known as Thomas and Friends. These toys help kids to improve motor skills, coordination, problem-solving and many other skills. There are different Thomas and Friends toys and playsets based on age. For example, My First Thomas and Friends toys are for kids from 1 year to 3 years, Thomas and Friends Real Wood toys for ages 2 years and 7 years, Thomas and Friends Adventures for ages 3 years to 7 years, Trackmaster and mega blocks for ages 3 years and up. Read on to know more about some of the most-selling Fisher-Price Thomas Engine toys for kids of all age groups.

  • Fisher-Price Thomas and Friends Take-N-Play Talking Belle: This is a durable die-cast engine that can be connected to other engines and vehicles easily with the help of a magnet. It is a foldable set and recommended for kids from 36 months to 6 years.
  • Fisher-Price Thomas and Friends Bath Squirters: This is a set of three Thomas engines. Kids can enjoy this toy while bathing. They just need to squeeze the engine into the water to fill it up, and again squeeze it to squirt out the water. This toy comes in various colors and characters. Kids aged between 18 months and 5 years can enjoy this toy.
  • Fisher-Price Thomas and Friends Trackmaster Maron Station Starter Set: This set includes motorized engine, train station, and a complete track layout. This toy requires batteries to operate, and it is best for kids aged between 36 months and 6 years. It is compatible with all Trackmaster sets.
  • Fisher-Price Thomas and Friends DC Ferdinand: Ferdinand is a new character from new Thomas and Friends DVD. This engine can connect to other engine and cars with the help of a magnet. It can be a perfect addition to Thomas and Friends collection, and it is best for kids of ages 36 months to 8 years.
  • Fisher-Price Thomas and Friends Take-N-Play Douglas: This is a medium-sized engine with a signature tender. It can connect with other vehicles and engines by using a magnet. It is a portable foldout playset, which is best for kids aged between 36 months and 7 years.
  • Fisher-Price Thomas and Friends Trackmaster: This preschool talking Toby toy is perfect for little hands. It comes with various signature phrases and sounds; kids can play these sounds by pressing a button. This is recommended for kids aged from 18 months to 3 years.

Pick the one which is most appropriate for your kid. Look at all the components and features before you buy it.