Smart casual: comfortable and elegant styles that will change your wardrobe

The smart informal style is an ideal proposal, not only for work, but also for meetings with loved ones. Thanks to it, you do not have to wear high heels and suits, and you will still look elegant and stylish. Learn the secrets and rules of smart casual for women.

Dress code can be an important part of your work. These are places with clearly defined dress codes. Not all companies specify what employees should look like. In some of them you can choose smart casual style. It is definitely a less formal look, but adapted to professional meetings. And not only that!

Smart casual lady is a style that combines office elegance with sporty lightness. In practice, this means that you can change from high heels and suits to jeans, T-shirts, jackets and shoes on a comfortable pole. Single-cut dresses in muted colors are also suitable.

If you have no idea about a smart casual outfit, use the trick: just one piece of clothing is enough to give the looser, sporty outfits a slightly formal tone. It can be an elegant jacket. It is enough to put on a simple top underneath, classic jeans or a skirt with a sporty cut. This way you will create an outfit perfect for workwhere the appearance is not completely formal. The rule is simple – it should be less formal than working in a bank, but more formal than going for a walk or shopping. And remember that if you choose a dress or a skirt, it is important to wear tights – it is required at work.

The smart casual style is not only created by clothes and properly selected shoes. Also pay attention to jewelry. Everyday accessories will work, but the subtle – shimmering stones in the rings and stunning necklaces should stand out for other occasions. The same principle applies to handbags. Choose the ones you want to take with you to lunch with your friends. In smart casual for women, there is no room for sequins, nails, glitter and other accessories that are difficult to take your eyes off.

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