Case study: Secrets of an experienced seller with customer service

The way each seller strictly individual. Someone only recently started with sales on B2B Fashion, and someone came to us from other sites, already having considerable experience behind them. Today we want to share with you this success story, so interviewed the owner showcases Azhelika.

1. How did you come to B2B Fashion? What started your sales?
Hello world! My name is Azhelika and I have 4 years selling to B2B Fashion. I found this site quite by accident, in social networks. At that time, a large marketplace has introduced a fee for publishing ads and for all my left $100 a month. Rather big sum at that time. First sale on B2B Fashion were not going, and eventually more than goods, the more sales. While still could not make a photo of the product!

2. you only sold personal wardrobe or had originally planned to sell as a business?
I have already been debugged scheme of second-hand sales through other venues. But it is not those things which are lying around in boxes in the bazaars. Buying stock on the first day of the importation of the goods, luxury goods. There was no odor, and many things have been with tags. In General, remember the time, when buyers were calling and telephone agreed to purchase, were afraid to throw money at stake, all sent c.o.d. parcels, and then withdrew.

3. What are “chips” are you using to create high-quality ads?
The simplest is the light. Even that would not have shadows. You also need to begin, beautifully put. If possible, better to do photo on the body, or mannequin, hanger. Remember that sells images.
Also, do not put high prices, even more so when you have a new account. In describing try specifying measurements, but do not always have the time. Good life hack is in the description, specify color, because everyone has different screens and different color. About all the disadvantages of write once, don’t be afraid to worse, if your account is banned.

4. How do you think: quality service is important? What principles do you practice when communicating with customers?
Hello, always put smileys, I wish you good day. If you’ll answer short phrases without punctuation, ignore message, then sales will not. Also, invest in a parcel at least on konfetke, it is a small thing, but very nice. Will come to you yet.

5. What would you recommend to novices who only came to B2B Fashion to sell their stuff?
Make high quality photo, describe all the nuances of things place a true condition and affordable prices.
Take advertising, sales will not be without it!
Respond to messages of customers as quickly as possible.

6. On your observations: what are the main mistakes made by other vendors?
Do bad dark photo, did not respond to messages. Little cheating nor would not lead to anything good.

7. you sell the Lamb 4 years already, how was your journey?
I bought a professional light garment steamers, equipment for the photo. All things for sale in perfect condition, new, or if there are nuances, be sure to write about them. Incase things in good packages specifically for online stores.

8. Have you had any disputes with buyers? If Yes, how do you solve them?
Were. I return things through cod, tested State and return the money. So I have no return, but had my flaws: incorrect indicated size, simply made a mistake. Reputation is the most important thing for me.

On behalf of the B2B Fashion would like to thank Angelica for her fascinating story about his way in sales and wish the successful development of its undertakings, and, of course, great sales!

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