Sydney Sweeney Jokes About Glen Powell Dating Rumors with Tee.

Sydney Sweeney, the talented actress from the popular TV series “Euphoria,” has recently been speculated to be in a romantic relationship with her “Anyone But You” co-star Glen Powell. However, Sweeney seems to be giving a clear message to gossipers with a cheeky shirt. The behind-the-scenes video, posted by the hairstylist Glen Oropeza and makeup artist Melissa Hernandez on Instagram, shows Sweeney wearing a “That’s So Fetch baby tee” with a message that reads, “Kiss the boys and make them cry.”

Sweeney, who is currently filming the movie in Australia with Powell, 34, has been seen cozying up to him in several pictures and videos uploaded on social media. In a recent rooftop clip shared on her own social media, Sweeney can be seen wearing the black-and-white crop top while captioned “pit stop in la la land.”

However, while the rumors of her and Powell’s relationship continue to circulate on social media, two people may not be pleased with the news. Powell’s longtime girlfriend, Gigi Paris, and Sweeney’s fiancé of one year, restaurateur Jonathan Davino, might be having a difficult time dealing with the alleged rumors.

In fact, it was only recently that Paris unfollowed Sweeney on social media, indicating that there might have been some tension between the two. Additionally, Sweeney’s fiancé, Jonathan Davino, might also be feeling uneasy knowing the alleged rumors.

Sweeney and Powell have been busy filming their latest project in Australia, where they’ve been seen filming sizzling scenes in swimwear and exploring Sydney together. On Monday, the two actors attended CinemaCon in Las Vegas to promote their upcoming romantic-comedy film, “Anyone But You.” During the event, the duo was seen exhibiting great chemistry on the red carpet.

Powell and Paris have been dating since 2020, and they confirmed their relationship in 2021. Paris accompanied Powell during his busy “Top Gun: Maverick” press tour last summer, and the couple attended the Golden Globes together in January.

In conclusion, Sydney Sweeney is poking fun at the media and gossipers regarding her relationship status with her co-star, Glen Powell. While the rumors continue to circulate, it is essential to respect the privacy of the involved parties. Sweeney is undoubtedly an immensely talented actress, and her performance on “Euphoria” has been highly acclaimed. Fans are eagerly anticipating the release of “Anyone But You,” and they can be assured that the chemistry between the two lead actors will not disappoint.

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