Camilla, the Queen Consort, sports brooch previously worn at William and Kate’s wedding

Queen Consort Camilla Rewears Brooch from William and Kate’s Wedding

Queen Consort Camilla, the wife of Prince Charles, made a nod to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding by rewearing a brooch she wore back in 2011. The brooch was gifted to her by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as a thank you for her support leading up to their wedding.

The History of the Brooch

The brooch in question is a diamond and platinum piece featuring an oak leaf and acorn design. It was made by jeweler G Collins & Sons and was originally gifted to the Queen Mother by her husband King George VI in 1936. The brooch was then passed down to Queen Elizabeth II and was later lent to Camilla in 2011 for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The brooch symbolizes the British oak tree, which has been used in heraldry for centuries and represents strength and longevity. The oak tree also holds a personal meaning for Prince William, as it was one of his mother Princess Diana’s favorite trees.

Camilla’s Reuse of the Brooch

Camilla’s decision to rewear the brooch to an event in Bath, England, shows her appreciation for the gift from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and her commitment to sustainable fashion. By rewearing a piece of jewelry, Camilla is setting an example that all of us can follow by reusing and repurposing our clothes and accessories.

Camilla paired the brooch with a navy blue ensemble that showcased her elegant and chic style. The brooch added a touch of glamour to her overall look and was the perfect accessory to accentuate her outfit.

Final Thoughts

Camilla’s decision to rewear the brooch from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding is a touching gesture that shows the strong bond between the British Royal Family members. By wearing the brooch again, Camilla honors the gift she received from William and Kate and shows that fashion can be both beautiful and sustainable.

This inspiring example should encourage us all to follow Camilla’s footsteps and use our clothes and accessories in a mindful way. By reusing and repurposing our clothes, we can reduce our environmental footprint and showcase our own unique style.

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