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      Browse through Kim Kardashian dresses for prom! Prom Dresses 2018 feature more sophisticated glamour and elegance than ever. When it comes to fame & money, love & hate, there’s no one like Kim Kardashian – the woman who makes us watchers split into 2 teams who either praise or hate her. 24MyFashion has taken the time to see what the buzz is all about with Kim. Is her style one to aspire to or not? Does this woman know good fashion? Kim is always in the spotlight promoting her fragrances, clothing line, hanging out with her sisters, spotted on airports, going on shows, doing red carpet appearances… Her job is looking posh and branded at all times, so it comes as no surprise that her style evolves around ‘always looking groomed and dolled up‘.
     Kim Kardashian has build a name for herself she has put a style on that too – Sexy Glam! I do confess I’d love to see her a bit more edgy and experimental with her fashion choices and I recon Kanye West has a bit of this ‘try-new-stuff’ effect on her. She seems to go for more clean, retro, cover-up outfits, and though they may not always do her justice, hey, we’ve gotta give the girl points for trying, right? I mean we’ve all gotta learn how to walk before we run. So I’m still holding my breath on that one. I wasn’t too keen on her white lace dress (too busy for her short frame)  but her casual black ensemble from her and Kanye‘s trip to Italy (fitted dress and oversized trench with a casually thrown camera over her shoulder) looked fabulous!
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