Chanel Evening Dresses 2017-2018


      Browse through Chanel evening gowns for prom! Prom Dresses 2018 feature more sophisticated glamour and elegance than ever. You read correctly: Wood chips were used as beading, paillettes, and 3-D frills among techniques involving recycled paper and organic woven yarn. The wedding look—a dreamy tufted hoodie, dress, and train—was all “made from wild cotton,” said Lagerfeld, quipping, “This is high-fashion ecology. It must not look like some sloppy demonstration!”

A case could be built for haute couture being the most non-environmentally impactful branch of clothing production, anyway. It’s handmade, takes infinite hours of work, and potentially lasts a lifetime, the antithesis of fast fashion’s notorious processes and disposability. As the show unfolded, it became, in a way, a meditation on the timeless validity of Chanel’s principles: pale bouclé suits, attenuated in the skirt, puffed in the sleeve, and with set-away collars; a movement of classic navy and white (there was a lovely white-collared classic French Gigi-at-school dress); and passages of languid pearly charmeuse and black cocktailwear.

CHANEL – Spring Summer 2018 Ready to Wear Collection- Backstage Video

  • What does CHANEL represent to you?

    I’ve studied Coco Chanel for one of my projects at school. I think she’s completely a fashion revolutionary! And today, the brands keeps growing and growing, and every time it brings out a new collection it become more and more modern! It’s one of those brands that always managed to stay on top…and there is not a lot of brands that can do that.

  • Favorite color?

    Black. I always wear black. I mean, look, my whole outfit is pretty much black! I just think it goes with everything and it’s just really cool and chic.

The very best couture design trends are now staples in Prom Dresses including simple, classic silhouettes, high necklines, dramatic one sleeve and lace dresses. Affordable junior prom, graduation, plus-size formal dresses.


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