Get inspired to back-to-school shop with these looks from Chloe Moretz, Cara Delevingne, Bella Hadid, and more. See more about Back to school clothes, High school outfits. Perhaps the largest ‘90s trend of the year, Kendall shows us how to wear the choker best. Whether it’s a thin black ribbon or thick embellished statement piece, we’re going to continue to wear our favorite piece of jewelry with everything from cocktail dresses to T-shirts, well into 2018.

Love it or hate it, first semester is fast approaching, which means summer is ending and things are about to get a lot busier. But that’s all the more reason to put that extra effort into your outfits those first few days — you’ll feel more prepared and, of course, look even better. Luckily, back-to-school style doesn’t necessarily mean back-to-school shopping. Just remixing your wardrobe a little bit can revive even your oldest duds, but doing so does require a little research.



Since we know you have plenty of other things to do during your last few weeks of summer fun, we took the liberty of combing our favorite blogs and checking in with our top stars to find 30 expert looks for you to try. Click ahead to see each and every one — and take notes, you may be quizzed.


Back To School Outfit Ideas Bonus

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