What does a 2D game concept artist do?

The general perception of a concept artist’s work is very often different from the reality faced by video game developers. However, if potential graphic design candidates are proposing the same image, that means some clarification should be given.

I won’t discover America if I find that the electronic entertainment industry is always looking for talented young people. The belief that games are created by “IT professionals” is a far-reaching oversimplification that seems wrong today. Video games are made up of multiplayer teams in which roles are usually divided in such a way that everyone makes the most of their skills.

2D game concept art is one of the most important roles in game production. For this reason alone, it should not be performed by a person who does not have experience in creating them. The responsibilities of a graphic designer include preparing a proposal for an artistic vision of the game world – characters, places, objects, interior design and all elements of the game that the player will then observe during the game. He works closely with the creative and art director (art director, creative director) trying to illustrate the game’s vision in line with their guiding principles and design. Only approved concepts, often selected from dozens of rejected proposals, provide guidance for people creating the final 2D graphics.


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