2000s fashion: 8 Y2K trends coming back this fall

The controversial fashion of the 21st century is back for good. See what Y2K style trends are being launched this season by fashion designers, and learn how to use them to look fashionable and stylish.

I’m old enough to remember fashion in this decade, but it’s not easy to describe. Especially in a synthetic way. Fashion in the 2000s was a conglomeration of different trends and often bizarre combinations. Tight pastel cardigans a la the 1950s met denim bells hipsters, military pants went hand in hand with an infantile top decorated with a butterfly. J. Lo wore jewelry chains in Middle Eastern fashion – around the waist, like belly dancers. Style icons were pop culture stars and stars – Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera. Their street and party attire was carefully recorded by paparazzi. My taste at the time was shaped by the underground and minimalist 1990s. I found the new trends kitschy. But during my holidays in Madrid – in the first years of the new millennium – I was seduced by Zara’s shop window with low-waisted denim flares and thick-soled flip-flops – something I admired again this summer in the shops.

Well, fashion is cyclical, and it’s been 20 years since the turn of the century. No one was particularly surprised when during the fashion week for haute couture 2017, the Juicy Couture velvet suit appeared on the Vetements show, with the well-known large crystal logo. The iconic outfit, once worn by Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and teenagers from the Big Brother era, also debuted at Tik Toku, where Gen Z youth, nostalgic for childhood, promote a new vintage (yes, vintage!) Style . It’s called Y2K – (Year 2 kilo bug), and this English term means a millennium bug – a potential computer error that we feared when we entered the new millennium. Today it is a popular hashtag, where Instagram and Pinterest can find stylizations that refer to the fashion of the 2000s. Although it is considered infantile, kitschy, aesthetically questionable and has never been appreciated by editors or critics, its return, like everyone else, is after all not literal! Clothes inspired by the decade in which Alexander McQueen’s star shone after all, today have a new look. In the autumn-winter season 2021/22, new interpretations of the Y2K style can be found in the collections of Chanel, Blumarine, House of Sunny, Ottolinger, and the biggest ambassadors for this trend are IT girls like Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa. We look at fashion in the 2000s and give advice on what to choose.

They are definitely kinder to the figure than the tight tubes that captured our imagination around 2010. For now, we put the tubes at the bottom of the drawer, and we reach for loose, baggy jeans with wide legs. We combine them with a large sweater, or a small (eg short) top and a large jacket or blazer.

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