Planning and preparation of the action

What is included in the planning process of the shares?

– In fact, our work is a continuous process of planning and launching of shares. Each Bayer portfolio 100-1000 suppliers, with whom he plans to 5-10 shares for each day. In some campaign gets only one supplier, such as Carlo Pazolini, while others can combine up to five providers.

The Organization of the action is a complex process. Five days before the start of the provider must give us a complete list of all products and send to the appropriate Department for photography samples. This is the case, if the things we used to have not sold. If the same thing were already in promotions, we just “delay” them from the internal database. Check to see if the price has changed, and set the number of each item on the list.

Each Bayer have assistants. The vendor list is loaded into the internal company system, samples are sent to a Photo Studio. Then the finished photos are bound to describe things and creates an item card. In the finished card, all data are checked again. At this stage, if necessary, can be done more photo retouching.

The last step: the action disembarks on the site. Here again there is a job for Bayer-final check before the start. Then the action is ready to open.

In the long term plan is for shares of Bayer’s month. Be sure to run every day action-headliner. It is important to ensure that brands do not compete but complement each other. On the same day we don’t put action with two brands of expensive handbags. But Bayer in the planning process will ensure that on this day were mid-range bags. Plan for the next month is formed in the twentieth of the previous one.

How do you set the sizes of things? Because each brand has its own sizes?

-Dimensions we receive from suppliers. This is a mandatory part of the information which they transmit to accommodate things at Big Discount Online Moreover, do it yourself design measurements. In describing worth binding to traditional European sizes to help you choose.

-Daily runs more than 100 shares. When you open the site to catch until all interesting is not sold out?

— The main shares start at 6 am. In these actions fall into our main suppliers. Lasts 2-3 days of such action. Then 12:00 will start the action in the format of Happy Hours, they continue to just four hours, here are going over budget items. Finally, shares of Night, for those who have returned from work and decided to visit our website. At this time we post shares with more expensive brands. So that nothing is missed, you can peek at the site three times a day in 6:00, 12:00 and 20:00.

-How can I find out when the promotions will be what interests me? Somehow don’t feel like getting up every day at six in the morning.

— Announcements shares appear for 2-3 days in the footer of the site. There you can see the main action-headliners, as we call them, which will take place in the coming days. In addition, there are morning and evening previews distribution shares the following days. Find out in advance what we cook, will not work. The only thing I can say is we tried to maintain the regularity of shares with the most popular brands. To all those brands that you can find at the Mall, attended Caste constantly: Mango, Zara, Bershka, Colin’s. Even if at some point you missed the action, it persists through 2-3 week. For example, the action with shoes Sarlo Pazolini necessarily take place at least once a month. The only thing we cannot guarantee the availability of a particular model or your size. Drains at good prices diverge very quickly.

— There are times when you have denied suppliers? What could be the reason that you do not work with someone?

-May refuse if the supplier offers a specific range, such as shoes for medical professionals. Yes, it may cool and it can be used for other purposes, but unfortunately it is narrowly targeted product category that will not cause a stir.

The second common case is designer clothing, the first line. It is clear that here need an entirely different format sales. These are clothes for a narrow circle of buyers and very not cheap. Here we also refuse, but designers, if you understand that you are interested in collaborating, ready to pereformatirovatsja and make separate collection mass-market under us.

To get started with the supplier, it is desirable that the range was not less than 500 names.

Sometimes it is difficult to convince a major supplier. So it was with Procter Gamble & diapers. They are very reluctant to cooperate. But when they saw what we can give them a sales volumes, even opened a special Office to work with us.

— What happened to some share hopes and it failed?

-No. But the opposite happened. Somehow the supplier invited party stock Italian shoes. There were outdated shoes drains with square toes. We looked at these shoes all Division and did not understand, how will it sell. But the supplier was able to convince us of this quality, though unfashionable, shoe was excellent, and the price is nice. Decided to start the rally, and were surprised when all dare literally in a moment.

Bayer with the experience clearly understands that to your taste to navigate. Still, the Ukrainian buyer very strong brand focus and magic words “Italian quality.

-What happens after the campaign is over?

-After the end of the action the supplier shall deliver the goods as quickly as possible to our warehouse, so we can pass orders to customers. There are rule-the goods must be via 12:00 am after receipt by the supplier of the outcome of the action.

Next, the warehouse employees packed up and sent to the end customer, we now have a delivery period is 5-7 days. There is another challenge for Bayer to organize supplier. To all orders have been shipped to from the supplier was correct.




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