Online sales channel for a clothing store

Today we continue to acquaint the readers of your blog with sellers in B2B Fashion, and would like to tell you about the experience of sales in B2B Fashion profiles from your page did a full-fledged online shop!
About how 24MyFashion can be your online store, we asked two sellers.

B2B Fashion Store-a page with a small amount of goods, but it is exceptionally brand stuff, meticulously selected owner account. Kristina confessed that picks up things for sale exclusively to your taste. In addition to “shop” in B2B Fashion, she sells through via Instagram. Physical shop or showroom at girl no.

About yourself and your business experience

I am an avid Shopaholic love quality, beautiful and, of course, with great discounts, things. On his page I sell only new things of known brands, that itself would be bought with pleasure. In B2B Fashion registered about 4 months. Learn about B2B Fashion first as a buyer, I was advised to B2B Fashion as a place where you can find stunning brand stuff at good prices. Then decided to try yourself in the role of seller and now also suggest people excellent brand things discounts 70-90% from the prices of retail networks.


About B2B Fashion as online sales channel

Of course, this is not an online store, this place, and it provides a slightly different format. But there are many pros exactly in this: functionality for the seller enough at this stage, there is a possibility of direct communication: additional photos, measurements, you can tell us about the texture of the fabric-all of this increases the likelihood that the thing ideal buyer.

For me Fashion for today’s B2B is a significant sales channel. To sell more successfully, try to make good quality images, separately take details to understand what color and texture of the fabric. Give a detailed description of the composition of the fabrics, make measurements.

As a novice seller helps me a lot. Glad to make rating, have feedback from customers, track the popularity of goods by the number of additions to the Favorites. B2B Fashion is always with me on your Smartphone! I believe that for doing small business B2B Fashion is quite enough.

Plans for the future

For Internet-sales future! I myself have long gain things, shoes, cosmetics online. Offline stores are gradually disappearing, plan to develop shop exclusively online. In the future, be sure to reveal your online shop, but I have not enough range for the full site. But there is a page in via Instagram and profile at

B2B Fashion