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We wonder: where does what is sold in Big Discount Online and why such low prices?
– Every day we open more than 45 new shares. Products for each share coming from different suppliers. This is the official importers, distributors and retailers, such as Carlo Pazolini, Colin’s, Nike, Puma and many others. Shares of different, try closing all directions: from clothing and shoes, accessories, cosmetics, perfumes to household goods and goods for children. We also work with small suppliers who themselves bring runoff from Europe.

Suppliers offer us goods left over from collections that are not sold in stores. Sometimes we have to sell the leftovers after closing the store, the Elimination of the brand. Price is the main competitive advantage. Unlike retailers, which, as a minimum, you have to pay expensive rent, we have no costs. And, accordingly, prices in our promotions are the best.

-Just ask another question which often arises among buyers. Once such a low price, can we be sure that this is not a forgery?
— Counterfeiting in Big Discount Online did not and could not. For us this is an important issue. Authenticity is verified in several stages: first the Bayer, and then at the level of internal control. The first inspection is conducted during the negotiations. Buyers are looking to offers supplier, carefully examining the goods. Then we get product samples for posting on the site and carry out internal audit. Each item must be accompanied by the correct labels and lejbami, to each party, be accompanied by the certificates. Mostly we work with suppliers who buy goods in the official stock warehouses in Europe, with all the necessary documents.

In addition, over recent years we have been exporting of goods. So we bring our girls favorite European brands, which are all familiar to large shopping centres.

— How the procurement service at Big Discount Online?
— Baer is a key employee of our company. It has all the levers to influence events. It is the entry point into the company for our suppliers, and the person who can answer any questions ranging from details of cooperation and ending with the formation of the best prices in shares.

When we started to work, buyers did almost everything: received samples shipped orders amounted to delivery routes. Now, the Big Discount Online for great processes have their own service. But Bayer continued to be the key person, depends what buyers will see in future promotions.

Today at Big Discount Online procurement service operates 50 buyers. For each pinned its category: a single shoes, other baby stuff, home direction, cosmetics and so on. Run by two categorical Division Manager.

The work is difficult, but very interesting and with measurable results. When I manage to conclude a good contract and customers are happy, you enjoy myself.

Good Bayer can grow and develop provider: from small amounts to more than a million revolutions per share. And this will be a big part of our specialist because he could send, tell, than now more interested in clients, in which category should upgrade to this product was in demand.

-How do you choose the suppliers?
– Is the direct responsibility of Bayer is to visit various exhibitions in different directions (beauty, home textiles, shoes, kids, hunting and fishing), during which he forges contacts and attract new providers we also have your wish-list. It is those with whom we wish to cooperate, whom we need to connect or bring your own. Unfortunately, not all immediately appreciate the advantages of working with major Internet-resource, like ours. Buyers are involved including advocacy. Show vendor, what are its benefits. We can help move away from stock the store, which is limited to a narrow range and geographical location of customers, and gain access to audiences all over Ukraine.

How is the process of selecting things for vendors?
– When the provider comes to us, the main selection criteria is the quality of the goods and the price that will be of interest to our clients. Because we do not work with the current collections, do not select any specific stuff like this make buyers of conventional stores. When a permanent partner is sent to Europe for a fresh batch of stock things can tell you what better pay attention. Give advice: top sold better than the bottom, and bright leaves faster than black and white.



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