Interview: how to become a successful seller B2B Fashion

Today, under the heading “the seller of the week” we talk with the girl, who in less than a year, has managed to become a successful salesman in B2B Fashion. On her account for more than 500 sales and almost two hundred of positive feedback. What is the secret of success and how to transform your B2B account Fashion in small personal moneymaker.

About yourself:

My name is Nancy. Originally from Arizona, live in New York for two years. Love New York. Fell in love and moved to New York. I’m a stylist for shooting movies, tv series and clips about 5 years. Approximately 4 years work relukerom help — his personal clients find their own style, right align image and positioning its person. Hide weaknesses, emphasize dignity. Sales of things doing already for more than 10 years. First, bringing in something yourself, girlfriends, and specifically under shooting from Ebay, worked only under the order. Then gathered a small capital and was able to offer its customers constantly growing assortment of products in stock. It is very convenient for those who need to wait yesterday and delivery, for example, English Ebay 7-10 days no.

About B2B Fashion:

B2B Fashion is a cool site. I’ve been zasmatrivalas to section briefing and expressed regrets that there is no such thing in Arizona. Considering that to me here are turning girls — I suspect they too do not have class counterpart. For me, Fashion is a B2B unequivocally work, not a hobby. I’m one and it really takes a lot of time. 50% of my income brings B2B Fashion. It takes 50% of my time. That is, I come from work and work at home. Order of things from the States and America, receiving goods, filming, publication of goods to B2B Fashion, communication with customers, sending. Sometimes there are difficult moments, but this is exactly the job that I like. I like women’s world, dresses, shoes and sale, so I get a lot of pleasure from their work.

About project B2B Fashion I learned via Instagram. There’s also recommend to register on B2B Fashion. This is the most convenient site for sales. It is convenient for all — and for sellers and buyers. Hats off to the creators and boundless respect the reasoning of each step on this site. All for girls — beautiful, convenient, intuitive interface, you can intuitively understand. All products look so that they want to buy.

B2B Fashion