Case study: success secrets of the seller with the highest number of sales

Every seller in B2B Fashion constantly wondered: how to increase the number of sales and the number of regular clients? So today as part of our ongoing “Case successful seller we have taken a small interview the owner sells an account on our site. Meet Nadine and her online showcase!

Daria in Nadine already 4 years, during which time its sales nearly reached 5000.

Showcase her mini store is constantly updated with brand name stuff at low prices, and the clothes with real photo with all the details. While there are no negative feedback from the seller, and the standard response time to questions from buyers is no more than 10 minutes.

How to achieve such results? We tried to find out the seller’s success story in a small interview.

1. How did your story in B2B Fashion? When and how did you start selling things here?

• My story began with the words of my husband, who kept repeating: “Nadine you have so many things! If you buy something, then take and sell something! “. I started searching for sites selling things and found among them B2B Fashion. Sells a couple ads) Then, fascinated by the sales process, I started going to stock shops in search of brand clothing is no longer just for the purpose of purchasing for yourself.

2. did the first successful sales in B2B Fashion way “cleanup personal wardrobe or your project immediately started as a business?

• Yes, like most sellers here, first sold their stuff. Then it grew into a hobby that brings profit, and now this is my full time income.

3. What is your secret? Share with our readers lajfhakami that you are using to host the products on the site: how to make successful images and make a compelling description of things, communicate with customers?

• Oh you would have seen my first photo.))) Now, if I meet them somewhere in the archives, a loud laugh)))
Special secret I have. I can only say that my page B2B Fashion grows with my experience. Reply to all, even if the thing sold, writing that “sold”. I used all the things vykladyvala separately, now combine. Try to make the maximum measurement of things. The quality of the photo too take no small attention, is complete and without processing.

4. does you some personal principles, which you stick when performing transactions with buyers?

• My main principles in the field of sales is honesty (if the buyer writes his measurements, and I see that thing doesn’t fit-I write) and trust (I can not see the marriage or stain, but always will make a return).

5. What are the qualities of “good seller” you think the main work in B2B Fashion?

• My ideal is a friendly seller.

6. Have you had any disputes with customers and how you solved them?

• Disputes were, but I do not conflict people.

7. How do I plan to develop in B2B Fashion and beyond?

• B2B Fashion I want to sell things in the future. Now, together with a friend and we develop your online shop in Instagram

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