Case study: from Shopaholic to a successful seller

My story to B2B Fashion began with unloading their wardrobe. Things were a lot, since I often traveled to Europe, and from there had unreal amounts of clothing. Often come across stuff not my style or size, but I still bought them, just couldn’t resist the price/quality were very compelling.

Eventually began to bring things not only for themselves but also for their girlfriends. Number of applicants has grown rapidly, mainly through phone: buyers become perpetual led friends and acquaintances.

I didn’t want to stop there, I wanted to grow and develop in this direction, and I started looking for various message boards for sales: so I “met” with B2B Fashion. First exhibited for sale on 1-2 things, and they scattered like “hot cakes”. On the page began to appear positive reviews and recommendations-and then established a successful shop!

Beginner tips for sellers
-Make high quality photo: daylight with you.
-Evaluate your clothes sensibly: install loyal, affordable prices, mirroring the potential customers.
-Remember that you have to invest your time and show spend it: the success of the likes of diligence and patience.
-Want a real result is labor.

And the main thing is to ask yourself the question and answer on it honestly: are you willing to do? Are you ready to invest, but you do not receive the return half a year? If the answer is Yes-boldly go to target!

Thank Nora for her story and wish you continued success!

B2B Fashion