Top three spring summer 2018 jewellery trends

This season’s hottest pieces are inspired by fine art, nature and life’s ‘imperfections’, a sharp contrast to the delicate aesthetic that has characterised the fashion jewellery landscape these last few years.

What does this mean exactly? Think mismatched earrings, organic and sculptural necklaces, bracelets and rings that resemble molten metal, and whimsical designs inspired by nature.

Mismatched Earrings

One of the most unexpected but strategically fashionable spring summer 2018-2019 jewelry trends we saw was the mismatched earring look. Like its counterpart, the singular earring, it is a decisive and energetic approach to style. It bestows the wearer with a bold and brazen confidence and is an extremely forward-thinking way of accessorizing.

Glitzy Silver Chandeliers

Silver was a major player in its own right this season. While silver has many functions and can be a gorgeous minimalist metal, our favorite fall 2018 jewelry trends were glamorous, sparkling, and festive reimaginings of the metal.

Tribal Jewelry

Tribal shapes and motifs were a less showy fall 2018 jewelry trend this season, but were just as vital to the fall and winter collections. Tribal jewelry allows designers to play with rich patterns and a gorgeous heritage of evocative symbolism.

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