What is esoteric? The magical world of esotericism

Esoteric knowledge appeared with the advent of the first man. Esoteric contains all the knowledge of the physical and subtle worlds. No wonder. Holy Scripture itself narrates how people who stood at the foundations of civilization communicated freely with God, trying to abide by spiritual laws, living with faith, constantly turning to the Creator as the highest source of love, life itself.

What is esoteric?

Even if we don’t exactly answer this question right away, we’ll still remember fairy tales with miracles, mysticism of numbers, the victory of good over evil. Let us recall people who heal with their hands, conspiracies, prayers, or those who are said to have an unkind eye, and in addition to love, love spells and magic spells bind them to their life partner. In general, the concept of “esotericism” is associated with everything spiritual, mystical, mysterious.

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