Traveling with children can be absolutely magical

Everyone who has children knows that you don’t just take the kid under the arm and hux flux throws itself out into the world. Whether you are going on a long holiday or weekend trip with children and whether the children are small or large, the trick to a successful holiday is that you have prepared – and this applies to everything from vaccines and visas to hotels and what places to visit. But at the same time, it is at least as important to be flexible and not be disappointed when things do not turn out as you imagined.

And no problems are so big that it can not be solved in place!
It is always a good idea to talk through the journey with the children, look at maps and pictures, dream away and prepare yourself at the same time. But with that said – don’t let any destination or travel method deter you! Creating travel memories together with children and getting to know when they discover the world is fantastic.

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Sweet Paris, the capital of romance. When you have booked the Eiffel Tower – a must, with pre-booked tickets or with stairs to the first floor – and come across the disappointment that Mona-Lisa is so small (and the Louvre so big) you can stroll between outdoor restaurants, shops and playgrounds. In the Bolognese forest lies Jardin d ‘acclimatation, the perfect mix of animal and amusement parks. It was built by Napoleon III and recently refurbished by the Louis Vuitton Foundation, as a condition for them to build the art museum.
Beautiful flower arrangements, nice restaurants and very French. And clearly affordable. After the amusement park, the Frank Gehry-designed LV Museum is right next door and a gluttony of modern art, no kid has died. The Jardin du Luxembourg also has a top playground. A walk up the stairs from Pigalle to Montmartre and Sacre Coeur belongs, with a baguette at a red-and-white tablecloth coffee table and views of the city. Nice trip!

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