Top 20 Hottest Victoria’s Secret’s Models 2023 Fashion News

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Victoria Secret shows! If you have an interest and enthusiasm forthe fashion world, you may already know about the top and famous Victoria Secret models and the craze around them. These models and the fashion quotient they carry are seen as benchmarks in the industry. They are the epitome of hotness, charm and style.

Today, we have compiled the best, most famous, young, and popular models associated with the Victoria secret fashion shows. So, please continue reading to learn all about them.

What is Victoria Secret Show, and Why Is It So Popular?

Victoria Secret – the brand is most popular and among the number one lingerie brands in the US and other western countries. The Victoria Secret runway is seen as a stage to flaunt and present the most popular and feminine lingerie collections for elite women. Their collections are exclusive, and luxurious and exude high-end fashion. Undoubtedly, these shows have been a mark on worldwide news, often considered an event of the year.

The first VC models, such as Tyra Banks, Stephanie Seymour, Karen Mulder and others, got worldwide acclaim for their beauty and were among the first Victoria secret ‘angels’ who were selected carefully to become the brand’s face and voice. As a result, these models are seen as an icon of fashion and beauty. Today, the craze for Victoria models continues similarly, and we keep having the top models associated with the brand bringing forth fantastic fashion and elite looks.

Top 20 New and Most Famous Victoria Secret Models 2023:

Now, let us first checkout and learn more about the top and young Victoria’s secret’s models around the globe.

Current Trending New Victoria Secret Models-

1. Grace Elizabeth:

Grace Elizabeth’s name has been quite popular in recent years for her immensely beautiful looks, and the fame received. Born on August 3 1997, the young beauty is already on the tabloids and media for her stunning glam quotient and ruling the runways of Victoria’s Secret shows. The American model has dark hair and an athletic body and started her banner just at the age of 22. She rose to fame after working with Guess and later represented several popular names such as Alexander Wang, Dolce and Gabbana, Ralph Lauren and others. Her Victoria’s secret journey started after becoming a spokesmodel for their PINK brand.

2. Taylor Hill:

Did you know Taylor Hill is the youngest Victoria Secret model? Born on May 3 1996, the American supermodel started working with the brand at just 17 years old. Isn’t it exciting and shocking? She is a former Victoria’s Secret angel who appeared from 2014 to 2018. Her stardom has rose immensely during these years. She is the face of several other acclaimed international brands, such as H&M, Michael Kors, and Ralph Lauren. She even began her acting career with a horror film, The Neon Demon. In addition, Taylor Hill is also listed as among the World’s top-earning models in 2015 and 2016 Forbes.

3. Romee Strijd:

The Dutch model, Romee Strijd is born on July 19 1995. She has been Victoria’s Secret Angel since 2015 and has walked on the runways for several consecutive shows since 2014. Her blonde hair and striking blue eyes often mesmerize the audience with her stunning beauty. She also appeared on several international brand campaigns, such as Michael Kors and Alexander McQueen, and on magazine covers, such as Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar.

4. Barbara Palvin:

Most of us already have heard the name, Barbara Palvin. Did you? Born on 1993, the Hungarian model is known for her impeccable runway skills and beautiful, thrilling features. She is a Hungarian supermodel who joined Victoria’s Secret models in 2012. She was only 19 years old when she joined the brand. By 2019, she also received angel wings from VC. This made Barbara Palvin the first ever Hungarian Victoria’s Secret angel model. Her deep striking eyes and the stunning facial features will make you get lost in the World of beauty!

5. Josephine Skriver:

Another model who deserves all our attention is Josephine Skriver. The Danish model has received fame and shot up in popularity after walking for Victoria’s Secret runways from 2013. She was born on April 14, 1993; she entered the modelling industry after being discovered at a mere 15 years old. At a young age, she already worked with acclaimed brands such as Gucci, Dio, Armani and Michael Kors.

6. Leomie Anderson:

The British supermodel Leomie Anderson is another Victoria’s Secret beauty who deserves all our attention. Born on February 15, 1993, the British supermodel entered the VC runway when she was 22 years old. Her brown eyes, dark brown hair and striking features mesmerize us whenever we see her. She joined the World of modelling around 14 years ago and was already featured in several prestigious brand campaigns, such as Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry, Calvin Klein and others. She is also the sixth ever Black and British model to become Victoria’s Secret Angel.

7. Karlie Kloss:

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Karlie Kloss is an American model who is also popular for her Victoria’s Secret runways. She was born in 1992 and came into the spotlight after she posed for Scene magazine’s June issue when she was 14 years old. She was Victoria’s Secret Angel from 2013-15. Just by her late teenage years, she achieved fame for being with VC, and is often called one of the top 30 models of the 2000s.

8. Sara Sampaio:

This Portugal model will definitely rob your heart with her beautiful looks. Born in July 21, 1991 in Portugal with lovely dark brown hair and green eyes, Sara Sampaio’s looks will indeed allure you. She was discovered in the modelling limelight at 15 years, and just by 16 years, she won a hair modelling contest in Portugal. She was associated with Victoria’s Secret fashion shows for many consecutive years and has been an angel since 2015.

9. Jasmine Tookes:

Jasmine Tookes is yet another beauty with Victoria’s Secret who is making quite some noise in the fashion world. Born in 1991 in California, the American model also has Brazilian descent with her maternal grandparents. And, ofcourse, we know the Brazilian beauty – and Jasmine Tookes just reflects the same. With brown eyes and dark brown hair, it is truly difficult to take eyes off her. She has been Victoria’s Secret Angel since 2015 and had been working with the brand since 2012. She was just 21 years when she began being associated with Victoria’s secret. The fit, toned physique and body with slender beautiful looks often kept her atthe forefront of many fashion shows. She was also an athlete, and her physique reflects the same. In addition to VC, she also represented several luxury brands such as Calvin Klein, Gap, Jimmy Choo, Ralph Lauren, Bobbi Brown cosmetics and others. Jasmine Tookes is also listed as one of the top-paid models in the World by Forbes in 2016.

10. Lais Ribeiro:

Lais Ribeiro is from Brazil born in October 1990. She truly carries the beauty of Brazilian women forward with impeccable looks, striking features and magical, mesmerizing beauty. She has been a Victoria’s Secret angel since 2015 and has walked in over eight VC fashion shows over the years. Lais Ribeiro joined the team in 2010, initial spotlight in modelling World came after being discovered by Brazil agency in 2009. She worked on several campaigns and gigs for Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, John Freida, Tom Ford, Gucci, Oscar de la Renta, To Ford, Kenzo, Marc Jacobs, and others.

Most Known Victoria Secret Models in 21st Centuary-

Let us also explore and learn about the all-time best and most popular Victoria Secret models before 2020. These models have been associated with Victoria’s Secret for several years, and their names have been carved in the beauty and modelling industry for their mesmerizing and stunning looks with confidence. Here are the top famous Victoria Secret angel models.

11. Stella Maxwell:

Stella Maxwell is the must-know name in the Victoria Secret universe. Born in May 1990 in Brussels, Belgium, the blonde hair beauty was initially discovered in her university days by one of the modelling agents. She started her modelling career in 2008 and worked with the popular brand Alexander McQueen. She came into the spotlight after featuring in Vogue and Elle magazines, and later the breakthrough came in 2014 after becoming Victoria’s Secret Angel. This is regarded as one of her most prominent achievements, and she later went on to work with other designers such as Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger, Miu Miu, Fendi, Chanel, Mugler, Burch and others. She was also voted as the World’s number one in the Hot 100 list by Maxim.

12. Alexina Graham:

Born in March 1990 in Nottingham, United Kingdom, Alexina Graham is another popular Victoria’s Secret model. She entered the modelling world in 2008 after winning the Ford modelling competition. She won the beauty contract of Maybelline and came into the spotlight. She has been Victoria’s Secret Angel since 2019 and initially walked on the VC show in 2017. The beauty also appeared in several magazine editorials and covers, such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, Glamour US and others. She campaigned for global brands such as Burberry, Balmain, Jean Paul Gaultier and others.

13. Candice Swanepoel:

The popular South African model is quite well-known in the modelling and fashion industry. Born in October 1988, the blonde hair beauty Candice Swanepoel is a big name in Victoria’s Secret models. According to Forbes, she is among the top-earning models and has been in over eleven Victoria’sSecret fashion shows. Candice has been the Angel since 2010.

14. Elsa Hosk:

Have you ever heard of Elsa Hosk? The Victoria’s Secret model was born in Sweden’s Stockholm in 1988. She started gaining modelling offers from her high school and entered the modelling at 14 years old. She has been Victoria’s Secret Angel since 2015; before that, she was VC’s PINK spokesmodel from 2011 to 2014. Other brands where she featured include Dolce & Gabbana, Dior and other popular names.

15. Martha Hunt:

The American model, Martha Hunt, was born on April 27, 1989, in North Carolina, US. The blonde hair diva has come into popularity after signing with IMG models and walking with over six Victoria’s Secret fashion shows. She received the Angel wings in 2015. Martha Hunt also made a record by walking on over 180 fashion shows, including some of the biggest names such as Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, Givenchy, Balmain, Miu Miu, Prada, Oscar de la Renta, Versace and many others. Her lovely toned physique and striking, attractive features can’t let us take our eyes away from her!

16. Behati Prinsloo:

The South African beauty, Behati Prinsloo, is another Victoria Secret model we all should know. Born on May 16 1989, in the beautiful South Africa, her modelling career began after being discovered in Cape Town during vacation. The hazel eyes beauty came into popularity and limelight after signing with Victoria’s Secret brand Pink. Gradually, Behati Prinsloo’s stardom rose, and she became among the most searched celebrities on the internet, especially after becoming an angel. She started walking the VC runway in 2007 and became an angel in 2009. In addition, the model also worked with several big names in the modelling world, such as Prada, Fendi, Tommy Hilfiger, Gap, Chanel and others, including appearing in magazines and fashion covers such as Vogue and Elle.

17. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley:

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s name is well-known in the modelling world. She is popular for her glam quotient, blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes and lovely personality. Born on April 18 1987, in the United Kingdom, the English model initially got into the limelight after she got a gig with Levi’s. This was a starting point, and there was no turning back after this, as she became among the favourite face ofthe modelling world with her incredible striking features and gorgeous looks. The British model began her venture with Victoria’s Secret in 2006; however, the popularity rose after two years. In addition, her modelling gig with Burberry also brought her heavy stardom, in addition to also landing roles as an actress in movies such as Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Mad Max Fury Road. The diva also walked on runways for other luxury international brands such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Givenchy, Valentino and others.

18. Lily Aldridge:

Born on November 15 1985, in California, USA, Lily Aldridge is another world’s acclaimed and famous Victoria Secret model. The diva first entered the World of Victoria’s Secret fashion shows in 2009 and became an Angel by 2010. She was among the iconic models who worked with the brand and always mesmerized the global audience and fans with her striking features, toned physique, brown hair and brown eyes. She walked as VictoriaSecret model till 2018. In addition, she also worked with several other international fashion houses for numerous modelling gigs. She appeared in fashion magazine editorials of Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.

19. Doutzen Kroes:

Doutzen Kroes, born on January 23 1985, in the Netherlands, is the blonde hair beauty who ruled Victoria secret universe with her beautiful looks. She walked over eight Victoria’s Secret Fashion shows and was the Victoria’s Secret Angel from 2008 to 2014. Although she never initially considered modelling seriously, she started the job for some pocket money when she was about 18 years old. However, by 2005, she won the “Model of the year” poll on the vogue website by readers, and also appeared on the Vogue cover in 2007 as among “World’s Top Next Models”.

20. Miranda Kerr:

Miranda Kerr’s name needs no introduction in the world of modelling. Born on April 20 1983, in Sydney, Australia, Miranda Kerr entered a modelling career just at the young age of 13 years. She won a magazine contest in 1997 and later came into the limelight and popularity after she moved to New York and began modelling for Maybelline in 2004. Within the next three years, she entered Victoria’s Secret fashion shows and was given wings, making her an Angel by 2007. She was the first Australian model to walk for Victoria’s Secret and also the first Australian to walk as an Angel. The brown hair and blue eyes beauty also is popular for her line of skincare, Kora Organics. She was often named and listed as among World’s top highest-paid models in the industry.

So, how many of these Victoria Secret models in the fashion shows have you heard of? These models gained popularity and worldwide applause after entering Victoria’s secret universe. Their lovely looks, mesmerizing features and toned physiques often gets us lost in their beauty. Do you agree? Who is your favourite on this list? We love to hear from you! Please note that all the information compiled in the article about the models is based on the research on information available from the web.

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