Nika King Brings Her Best Red Carpet Style, Inspired by Zendaya

Zendaya’s Impeccable Fashion Sense Inspires Nika King on the Red Carpet

Zendaya has been making waves in the fashion industry with her unique and daring style. From her iconic looks on the red carpet to her bold streetwear, Zendaya is truly a fashion icon. And she is not just inspiring fans, but also inspiring her co-stars in the industry. One such co-star is Nika King, who plays Leslie Bennett, the mother of Zendaya’s character, Rue, on HBO’s hit drama, Euphoria.

In an exclusive interview with Page Six Style, King revealed that Zendaya’s impeccable fashion sense has inspired her to bring her “A-game” on the red carpet. King recounted how she was invited to the “Spider-Man” premiere and thought to herself, “I need to make sure my style is on point. I have to step up my A-game.” And that’s exactly what she did.

At the premiere, King showed up in a strapless, multicolored print gown that turned heads. She accessorized her look with a chunky bangle, long gold earrings and a whimsical headpiece. King said that she and Zendaya are both tall and slender and share a similar sense of style. “I have a pretty good sense of style. I love to dress,” she said. “But I just look at her fashion and…I see what she brings to the carpet and the looks and I’m like, ‘I want to make sure that I’m doing what I enjoy.’”

For King, enjoying her style means highlighting her love for black designers. “My biggest approach [to fashion] is [wearing] black designers. I feel like they don’t get their recognition, they don’t get the clout I feel like they deserve, they don’t get their flowers,” she explained. “You have all of the well-known labels…People are always promoting them in rap songs and on red carpets, but I want to see more black designers come to the forefront because we need that equity in the fashion world.”

King has been making a concerted effort to wear styles by black designers and working with stylists to pull pieces from fashion houses founded by black talent. “And you know what? Sometimes it’s hard…[but] that’s been my biggest goal—going after black designers and elevating them because I love my people and I want to see everybody win,” she said.

And win she has. At the festivities ahead of the 95th annual Academy Awards ceremony on March 12, King rocked a stunning silver suit by one of her favorite black designers, Pretty Guerilla. “We found this metallic material and then we did a lace corset and some boots and people were like, ‘Yo!’” she said. King complemented her outfit with an intricate updo to emphasize the “Afro-futuristic” vibe she was going for.

Despite her success on the red carpet, King is still searching for her own Law Roach, the celebrity stylist who has collaborated with Zendaya for years and is often credited with her standout fashion moments. “The thing is, I can dress myself… but I want to collaborate with people because I feel like what I want… is a good combo team like Law Roach and Zendaya,” she said. “So I’m looking for my own Law Roach. I’m looking for that one person who’s going to elevate my style.”

In the world of fashion, Zendaya is definitely a force to be reckoned with. And with her unique sense of style, she is inspiring others to bring their best looks to the red carpet. Nika King’s commitment to highlighting black designers and finding her own fashion icon is a testament to the influence that Zendaya has in the industry.

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