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The definition of beautiful faces evolves, but as writer H.G. Wells says, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” But there’s something about people with gorgeous faces that draws our attention. We can’t keep our eyes away from a beautiful actor, actress, or model. Attractive faces are a sight for sore eyes. However, to show you some of the extraordinary figures, we have compiled a list of the 25 most beautiful faces in the World.

What is a Beautiful Face According to Science?

Science has found that the key to pretty faces is, in fact, the way the human eye sees facial symmetry as pleasing to the eye. Researchers have found that beautiful faces often follow the golden ratio, which has a constant value of 1.618 and is also called “Phi.” An American scientist invented the technique, which can be used to figure out who has the most beautiful eyes, nose, lips, chin, and overall the most perfect face shape.

Top 25 Most Beautiful Faces Women in the World:

After many scientific tests, research and polls by beauty experts, we have compiled a list of 25 women with the most beautiful faces in the World.

1. Aishwarya Rai Bachhan:

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is a hindi film actress who has one of the most beautiful faces in the bollywood industry. She is famous for her work in bollywood and kollywood films. If we were to talk about good-looking faces from asia, her name has to be there. She won the Miss World contest in 1994, and since then, she has become one of India’s most famous and influential actresses. Her gorgeous face is her diet and simple skincare routine, including a weekly face mask of turmeric and rose water.

2. Jolene Marie:

Jolene Marie Cholock-Rotinsulu is an Indonesian-American TV commercial model, actress, singer, young entrepreneur, mountaineer, and beauty pageant winner with a very cute face. Rotinsulu’s secret for her stunning face is lots of water and a vegan diet. She was nominated one of the most beautiful faces in Indonesian, and she also took part in the T.V. celebrity beauty pageant Miss Celebrity Indonesia 2010, representing her city of Manado. She has had many compliments on her deep, beautiful eyes and her beautiful cheeks.

3. Yasmina Ismail Zaytoun:

Yasmina Ismail Zaytoun is a Lebanese professional model who won the Miss Lebanon 2022 beauty contest and is one of the most beautiful faces in the World. The pretty woman face represented Lebanon at both Miss Universe and Miss World 2022. Zaytoun states that the secret to her gorgeous face and attractive body is a regular workout, a healthy diet and lots of liquid. She is also considered one of the prettiest faces in the World because of her perfect nose and lips structure.

4. Mehreen Syed:

Mehreen Syed is one of the most beautiful faces in Pakistan. Her gorgeous face and charming personality have made her very well-known. She is a businesswoman who is known all over the World for being a beautiful Pakistani model. Mehreen has worked hard and been dedicated, won many beauty awards, and became successful at a very young age. She also won the Lux Style Award Model of the Year, another reason she belongs on this list. In addition, Mehreen is scientifically believed to have the perfect eyelashes, which makes her face pretty elegant.

5. Ho Yeon Jung:

Ho Yeon Jung, a South Korean actress, is one of the ten most beautiful faces in the World. According to the Golden Ratio, Jung is the tenth most beautiful woman face in the World. Her best-known role is in Squid Game, for which she was nominated for an Emmy (2021). Dr De Silva gave Jung a score of 89.63 per cent. Before the Netflix show made her famous, The gorgeous face was a model.

6. Karolina Bielawska:

Karolina Bielawska is a Polish model, T.V. host, and beauty queen with one of the most charming faces around the World. She was titled Miss World 2021, which is evident for having one of the most beautiful faces in the World. She was the second Polish person ever to win the title. Bielawska, now 23, started modelling when she was 14 and immediately grabbed the attention for her stunning face and beautiful cheeks. In her late teens, she signed with several well-known modelling agencies and walked the runway at fashion weeks in Poland and around the World.

7. Ani Lorak:

Karolina Myroslavivna Kuiek, also known as Ani Lorak, is a Ukrainian singer, songwriter, actress, businesswoman, and former UN Goodwill Ambassador. The big happy face was named the People’s Artist of Ukraine, Ukraine’s most prestigious and honorary title. Being one of the most beautiful faces in Ukraine, she has been called one of the most powerful and influential women in her country and one of the most attractive faces in Eastern Europe. Many women want to be like the Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, and most men wish for her.

8. Thylane Blondeu:

Thylane Léna-Rose Loubry Blondeau is a French model born in 2001 with an extremely cute face. At age six, French model Thylane Blondeau was tittled the “Most Beautiful Girl in the World.” Now 21, she has been named one of the “Most Beautiful Faces in the World.” Her perfect nose and beautiful grey eyes are two of her best features. Blondeau is still on beauty rankings as a young adult. She has been on TC Candler’s “100 Most Beautiful Faces” list more than once.

9. Monica Belluci:

Monica Anna Maria Bellucci is an Italian actress and model born on September 30, 1964. With one of the prettiest faces in town, she started as a fashion model for Dolce & Gabbana and Dior. Then she moved on to Italian movies and American and French movies. One of the most beautiful female faces, Monica is a well-known Italian woman across the globe because of her career as a model. She has been in movies like Matrix, Dracula, and The Brothers Grimm. Her face is symmetrical and has the best features.

10. Florence Colgates:

Scientists say that British model Florence Colgate is “the most beautiful girl alive.” The most beautiful face in the United Kingdom was just a teenager when she started getting noticed for her alluring stunning look. Her ratio is 32.8 per cent, and her beautiful face is almost perfectly symmetrical. Florence has all the subtle signs of beauty: big eyes, high cheekbones, full lips, and a fair skin tone.

11. Jennifer Hawkins:

Jennifer Hawkins is an Australian model, T.V. host, and beauty queen famous for her gorgeous beautiful cheeks. She is best known for being named Miss Universe Australia 2004 and then Miss Universe 2004 later that same year. Australia’s most beautiful face became the host of the show Australia’s Next Top Model, where she first appeared as a contestant. No doubt she makes it amidst most beautiful faces in the World with long blonde hair and a beautiful smile. To everyone’s surprise, the gorgeous lady does nothing special to maintain her beauty.

12. Margot Robbie:

Margot Elise Robbie is a well known actress and producer from Australia known for her iconic role as Harley Quinn. The gorgeous face has been nominated for several awards, including two Academy Awards, four Golden Globe Awards, and five British Academy Film Awards. She starred among the most beautiful faces in blockbusters like Suicide Squad and The Legend of Tarzan, and she’s also the face of Calvin Klein’s fragrance Deep Euphoria.

13. Miranda Kerr:

Miranda May Kerr, who also made it to our list of the most beautiful faces in the World, is a top Australian model who became famous in 2007 as one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels. She was the first Victoria’s Secret model from Australia and later worked for the Australian department store chain David Jones. With cute bony cheeks and an attractive jawline, she also made it to the beautiful female faces list of 2021. To maintain her gorgeous face, she has to maintain a healthy diet with low carbs and work out regularly.

14. Bella Hadid:

Isabella Khairiah Hadid was born in Washington, D.C., on October 9, 1996, and is voted the most beautiful face scientifically. Hadid’s face is the most symmetrical ever, with a perfect ratio between all her facial features. The most perfect face in the World was also voted “Model of the Year” by In the past four years, Hadid has been on 27 international Vogue magazine covers amidst other beautiful faces in the World.

15. Natalie Glebova:

Natalie Glebova, born Natalya Vladimirovna Glebova on November 11, 1981, is a Russian-Canadian T.V. host, dancer, and model who was crowned Miss Universe 2005. With a gorgeous face like hers, Glebova had previously been crowned Miss Universe Canada in 2005. Amidst beautiful female faces, she has the most perfect face, like another Miss Universe contestant, Ingrid Rivera. This can be seen in her basic face shape, which is a Perfect Oval, where the outer edges of her face

16. Helly Shah:

Helly Shah born on January 7, 1996 is an Indian TV actress and model with a very beautiful face. She is best known for TV soaps Swaragini, Devanshi and Sufiyana Pyaar Mera. She started her acting career when she was studying in 8th standard. Helly Shah is the second Indian TV actress to make her red carpet debut at the Cannes Film Festival 2022. She is one of only two Indians to feature in TC Candler’s “100 Most Beautiful Faces 2022 list, making it the first time she has made it to the list. Also, she was ranked by Eastern Eye’s Top 50 Asian Celebrities in 2020 and Top 30 Global Star in 2021.

17. Jodie Comer:

Jodie Marie Comer is an English actress with one of the most beautiful faces in Britain. She has won two British Academy Television Awards and a Primetime Emmy Award. In addition, she has been nominated for two Golden Globe Awards, two Critics’ Choice Awards, and a Screen Actors Guild Award. Jodie Comer, who was born and raised in Liverpool, is the most “mathematically” beautiful woman face in the World. Her lips and nose got a score of 98.7, which means she was only 1.3% away from being physically the most perfect face.

18. Stella Maxwell:

Stella Maynes Maxwell is a fashion model with a gorgeous face, born on May 15, 1990. She is a former Victoria’s Secret Angel amidst other beautiful faces and the face of Max Factor cosmetics. She has an overall score of 91 with perfect lips and nose score of 98.2. She might not be the most perfect face in the World, but she is one of the most beautiful female faces.

19. Leila Lopes:

Leila Luliana da Costa Vieira Lopes Umenyiora is an attractive jawline female model and beauty queen from Angola. She is best known for being crowned Miss Universe in 2011. Before that, she won Miss Angola U.K. 2010 and Miss Angola 2010. One of the beautiful faces of Angola is also an actress known for HeartBeat, Elite Model Look South Africa (2013), and Mister Supranational 2019 (2019). Her glamorous eyes and pointed nose make her a perfect contender for the most perfect face in the World.

20. Zozibini Tunzi:

Zozibini Tunzi, is a model , actress and beauty peagenat winner from South Africa with a gorgeous face who was named Miss Universe 2019. Amongst other beautiful faces, Tunzi was previously called Miss South Africa 2019. She is the second and third black woman from South Africa to win the title after Angolan Leila Lopes was named Miss Universe 2011.

21. Yasmine Sabri:

Yasmine Ashraf Sabri was born on January 21, 1988. She is an Egyptian actress, amongst other beautiful faces. Sabri was chosen as one of the 100 most beautiful faces for the year 2021. Sabri scored 96 for her eyes, making her a perfect candidate for the perfect face in the World. Sabri was born with a gorgeous face; however, she puts in a lot of work to maintain it.

22. Agbani Darego:

Chief Ibiagbanidokibubo Asenite’ Agbani’ Darego is a Nigerian model and beauty queen with a gorgeous face who was crowned Miss World in 2001. Amongst the beautiful faces, she was the first black African to win Miss World. After her reign as Miss World, the most beautiful face from Nigeria was signed by the London and Paris branches of Next Model Management and got a three-year contract with L’Oréal, becoming the second Black model to do this after Vanessa Williams.

23. Adriana Lima:

Amidst the most beautiful faces in the World. Adriana Lima is a Brazilian model who was a Victoria’s Secret model for over two decades. Amongst other beautiful faces, she was the longest-running and was named “the most valuable Victoria’s Secret Angel” in 2017. Her gorgeous face is also the representer for Maybelline cosmetics since 2003. At age 15, the stunning face won Ford’s “Supermodel of Brazil” competition and second place in the “Supermodel of the World” competition the following year.

24. Dolorez Lorenzo:

Dolorez Lorenzo is an 18-year-old amateur model born and raised in Rosario, Argentina, with a gorgeous face. She was nominated for the “top 100 most beautiful faces in the world” in the amateur category and got the 19th spot. With a stunning face like hers, Lorenzo wants to become a professional model, and she will make it there. Lorenzo has called public attention at such a young age because of her perfect facial features, which include a perfectly symmetrical nose and eyes.

25. Zendaya:

Zendaya is an American actress and singer who was born on September 1, 1996. She is the second on the list of most attractive women in the world 2022 according to science with a golden ratio score of 94.37%. She is best known for her role in the HBO series Euphoria. She has won several awards, including two Primetime Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award. Zendaya was named one of the “100 Most Influential People in the World in 2022” by Time magazine.

A gorgeous face will get your attention, but your beautiful soul will keep it. Remember that beauty isn’t just skin deep. True beauty is in your soul and your character. Amongst all the beautiful faces created by God, it is symmetrically better. There is a charm in each of God’s creations; you need the right eyes to see it. We hope this article helped you know more about the 25 most beautiful female faces in the World. Also, the information in this article has been provided from genuine sources on the internet and is in no way manufactured by the authors of this piece.

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