Kendall Jenner Wears a Sheer Dress to Bed Amid Rumors of a Romance with Bad Bunny

Kendall Jenner Wears Sheer Dress to Bed Amid Bad Bunny Romance

Kendall Jenner is making waves in the entertainment industry once again, this time for her interesting choice of sleepwear. The supermodel recently shared a photo of herself wearing a sheer dress to bed, all while rumors swirl that she might be romantically linked to Latin music sensation Bad Bunny.

The Sheer Dress Photo

The photo, which was shared on Kendall’s Instagram stories, shows the 25-year-old wearing a sheer, long-sleeved dress with a high neck and a thigh-high slit. She completed the look with a pair of strappy stilettos and a simple pair of hoop earrings.

While Kendall isn’t exactly known for playing it safe when it comes to fashion, many fans were surprised to see her wearing such a revealing dress in bed. However, it’s not unusual for the model to make daring fashion choices both on and off the runway.

The Bad Bunny Romance Rumors

Meanwhile, rumors continue to swirl that Kendall and Bad Bunny are an item. Although neither of them has confirmed anything, fans have been speculating about their relationship status ever since they were spotted leaving a restaurant together in New York City in April.

Since then, they have been spotted together several more times, fueling rumors that they might be dating. While Kendall has never been shy about her love life before, she has yet to confirm anything about her relationship with the Latin music star.

Kendall Jenner’s Love Life

Kendall’s love life has been a topic of conversation for quite some time now. In the past, she has been linked to several high-profile men, including Harry Styles, A$AP Rocky, and Ben Simmons. However, she has never been one to share too much about her personal life with the public.

It remains to be seen whether Kendall is dating Bad Bunny or if they’re just friends, but one thing is for sure – she’s not afraid to take risks in both her fashion choices and personal life.


Kendall Jenner is once again making headlines, this time for wearing a sheer dress to bed and rumors of a possible romance with Bad Bunny. While fans continue to speculate about her love life, one thing is certain – Kendall isn’t afraid to take risks both on and off the runway.

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