Bra with push-up 2019-2020

The bra with push-up is also just called “push-up” and has the task of making the bust look bigger. This type of bra has cushions with pillows on the inside. The pillows are located at the bottom and lightly on the sides. These push the breasts up and slightly towards the middle. The result is a bust that looks bigger and with a more accentuated earring. In some push-ups, the pillows can be removed. Normally, all bras with push-up also have braces.

Area of ​​use:
Can be used both for everyday wear and for deep-clean clothes. Push-up is the most popular bra type for smaller bust and especially at more festive occasions.

Bust type and size:
Push-up is especially suitable for smaller busts and busts that have started to get older and softer.

Make your breasts look bigger and firmer.

Often unpopular among busty women because of their magnifying effect.

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