35 Hottest Women in WWE Championship

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We all know and hear about World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). But, most often, we only get to hear about the hype about WWE through the men’s champions. How many WWE female wrestlers did you know about? We guess most of us are not well-versed in female wrestlers. So today, we have brought you the world’s top WWE women wrestlers. These women wrestlers are stepping out of the stereotypes and making their name in the world for their sportive skills, in-ring capabilities and also attractiveness. Their power, strength, and beauty are lethal, and we can’t wait to talk about these powerful women with you today.

Women in World Wrestling Entertainment:

As most know, WWE is an American professional wrestling competition. Found in 1953, it has headquarters in Connecticut in the United States. Unlike many other sports, the competitions at most times are scheduled several times a year. Women played in the competition many times in its history, and they are often called WWE divas and ‘women superstars’ for their skills combined with beauty.

35 Hottest Ring Girls in the World :

We have compiled the top and most well-known divas female WWE wrestlers list, who are ruling the world currently. So, continue reading to know more about them.

1. Alexa Bliss:

Talk about WWE wrestling divas, and we can first remember Alexa Bliss. She is known to own the ring and have her own game whenever she enters. Alexa Bliss was born in August 1991 and was into sports from age five. She has been a multi-talented kid from a very young age, excelling in gymnastics, track, kickboxing, softball and cheerleading. It was only in 2013 that she was signed with the company as part of NXT. Within no time, she became the most outstanding female wrestler and was also fondly called as ‘Wicked Witch’ for her strong and outrageous games. She is also the first wrestler to hold Raw and SmackDown women’s championships. In addition, she won the Raw championship three times and SmackDown twice. Further, she was first women wrestler to win an Elimination Chamber match. Besides her game, we can’t also forget her incredibly strong and smashing looks whenever she is in the ring.

2. Aliyah:

Aliyah (born as Nhooph Al-Areebi) is a Canadian female professional wrestler. She is born in November 1994 and was signed to WWE on the SmackDown brand. Aliya debuted for Squared circle wrestling in January 2013, and the rest was history due to her impeccable game and in-ring capabilities. First, she wrestled on the independent circuit. Later, she also wrestled for many promotions, including Pure wrestling association (PWA), Absolute intense wrestling (AIW), New England championship wrestling (NECW).

3. Becky Lynch:

Talk about the hottest and most gorgeous WWE female wrestlers; most fans regard Becky Lynch is the one. Have you ever seen her? We can’t let our eyes go away from her for two reasons– her impeccable strong, and outrageous game and her hot looks. The Irish wrestler indeed spices up the WWE sports. Becky started her career as a wrestler in 2002; however,she had to step back for a while due to a head injury. She later entered the sport again in 2006, came back even strong and surprised everyone with her strong performance. She won SmackDown women’s championship twice. She was also featured in the Marine 6 movie along with other wrestlers. Did you know, she is also wife of Seth Rollins.

4. Bianca Belair:

The American professional wrestler of WWE, Bianca Blair Crawford (with the ring name Bianca Belair),was born in April 1989 in Tennessee. She is currently wrestling with Raw and is also a former SmackDown women’s champion. She is currently the Raw women’s champion and won the Royal rumble. Bianca is married to fellow WWE superstar Montez Ford.

5. Billie Kay:

Another hottest WWE female wrestlers we all must know is Billie Kay. Of course, most of you may already have known her. Born in June 1989, Billie Kay was introduced to wrestling at a very young age as she used to watch the game with her brother. Later, she became interested in the sport and began her career in 2007. She debuted on Pro Wrestling Alliance Australia and came into the limelight by signing NXT in 2015. She often partnered with Peyton and had winning moments in women’s team titles. Later, after the team split up, Billie signed with SmackDown in 2020. Did you ever hear about this famous WWE women’s action figures?

6. Candice LeRae:

Candice LeRae was born in California, United States, in September 1985. She is an American professional wrestler. She entered wrestling full-time in 2005, where she was with the Empire wrestling federation. Later she came into the limelight and rose to prominence during her time and promotions with DDT pro-wrestling. She entered NXT WWE in 2018 and is a former NXT women’s tag team champion. She also won the AWS women’s world championship twice.

7. Carmella (Leah Van Dale):

Born in 1987 in Massachusetts, Carmella (Leah Van Dale) is an American professional wrestler. She is also a dancer and model, currently signed with WWE. She is currently with Raw and was formerly with Smack Down till 2021. The WWE female wrestler won the WWE 24/7 competition twice and other notable wins such as the WWE Smackdown women’s champion and tag team champion.

8. Charlotte Flair:

Born as Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr in 1986, North Carolina, she is a popular professional American wrestler. She appears with Smackdown on the ring name, Charlotte Flair. She is a second-generation wrestler, and her father is Ric Flair, a popular wrestler. She entered a contract with WWE in 2012 and has won several championships since then. The most popular wins include WWE divas championship, NXT women’s championship twice, and Top rankings in 2014, 2015 and 2016 in PWI.

9. Cora Jade:

Cora Jade is among the top youngest popular women wrestler. Born in 2001 in Chicago under the name Brianna Coda, she signed on the NXT brand with WWE. She debuted in December 2018 and was announced with WWE in 2021. Within a short span of time, Cora Jade had already won NXT women’s tag team championship. PWI also ranked her 83rd in top 150 females in .

10. Dakota Kai:

Born in 1988 in Auckland, New Zealand, Dakota Kai is a professional wrestler with WWE. She appears with Raw and has gained popularity after several championship wins. She began wrestling in 2007 and went on for independent promotions. In 2016, she signed a contract with WWE. She went on to win WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship twice, besides other wins such as IPW women’s championship and PWWA championship.

11. Dana Brooke:

Another American Professional Wrestler you must know is Dana Brooke. Born as Ashley Mae Sebera in November 1988 in Ohio, she changed the ring name to Dana Brooke after entering a deal with WWE. In addition to wrestler, she is also a gymnast, fitness competitor and bodybuilder. She entered a contract with WWE in 2013. She is popular for winning WWE 24/7 championship four times.

12. Emma:

Tenille Averil Dashwood (ring name Emma) is Australian professional wrestler. She entered wrestling training at 13 years old and is currently signed with WWE on the SmackDown brand. She made appearances for Australian wrestling promotions at such a young age group. She debuted in 2015 with NXT and went on to come into popularity for her aggressive games. She has been active every year with numerous championships, and PWI ranked her in the top places below 35 over the years from 2013-16.

13. Eva Marie:

The multi-talented Natalie Eva Marie Nelson is a professional wrestler, actress, model and fashion designer. She was born on September 19 1984, in California, United States, and is best known for her appearance in WWE with the ring name Eva Marie. She debuted in 2013 with WWE and made appearances on Raw for numerous matches. She gained popularity when she appeared on Total Divas. She later also went on to act in several roles in television and movies.

14. Fallon Henley:

Born as Theresa Schuessler (with ring name Fallon Henley) is born in September 1994 and is a professional wrestler. She was born in Florida, United States, and signed with WWE on the NXT brand. Fallon Henley made her initial ring debut in 2017 and appeared in WWE 2018. She has gained popularity for her courageous in-ring capabilities during the women’s breakout tournament.

15. Indi Hartwell:

The Australian professional wrestler Indi Hartwell (born as Samantha De Martin in 1996) is popular with WWE. She entered her wrestling debut in 2016 and signed with WWE in 2019. She appeared with Raw; in 2021, the wrestler also won the NXT women’s tag team championship.

16. Kacy Catanzaro:

Kacy Catanzaro is another beautiful popular American professional wrestler born in New Jersey in January 1990. She is currently signed with the NXT brand with the ring name Katana Chance. She debuted in NXT in 2018 and later went on a tag team and won her first match. She was also ranked among the top 63 in 2019 in PWI’s top 100 females.

17. Kay Lee Ray:

Born as Kayleigh Rae in August 1992, the United Kingdom, she is an acclaimed Scottish professional wrestler. She is British and is known as the longest-reigning UK NXT women’s champion. She made her wrestling debut in 2009 and went on to independently in the coming years, such as with WOS, TNA, WCPW and others. She entered into a deal with WWE in 2019 and appeared with NXT. She made a name by winning ICW women’s championship thrice.

18. Kayden Carter:

The American professional wrestler Kayden Carter performs with NXT brand. She is born on May 20 1988, in Florida, United States. She started her journey after training in 2016 and has been working with NXT since 2018. She won the crash women’s championship and NXT women’s tag team championship alongside Katana Chance.

19. Lacey Evans:

Macey Estrella-Kadlec (ring name Lacey Evans) is famous American professional wrestler. She was born on March 24 1990, in Georgia, United States. Initially, Lacey Evans was with the military police, where she was introduced to wrestling. Taking an interest in the game, she started training and initially began an independent circuit. WWE signed her in 2016.

20. Lash Legend:

Nariel Howard (with the ring name Lash Legend) is an American professional wrestler born in May 1997 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. She is currently signed with the NXT brand. She signed with WWE in December 2020. Before wrestling, she was also a formerpopular basketball playerand was associated with WNBA.

21. Liv Morgan:

Liv Morgan is yet another WWE we all must learn about. She is born in June 1994. She took an interest in wrestling right from childhood, and in 2014, she became a WWE superstar. She signed with a RAW brand and quickly gained popularity with her in-ring skills. Undoubtedly, besides her talent, she is also among the hottest women in WWE, with strength and capabilities.

22. Mandy Rose:

Born as Amanda Rose Saccomanno, Mandy rose is an American professional wrestler and also an acclaimed model. She made her ring debut in WWE NXT, then later made her way to Raw and Smackdown in the following years. Besides her wrestling career, she is also known to appear in several fitness publications, including Fit and Firm and FitFemme magazine. She is known for her toned body and overall fitness, with long blonde hair and dark brown eyes. She is also a big supporter of animal rights.

23. Naomi:

With the ring name Naomi, Trinity Fatu was born on November 30 1987, in Florida, United States. She is an American professional wrestler, actress, dancer, model, and singer. The multi-talented beauty is signed with WWE and appears with Smackdown. She was initially a dancer, appeared in music videos, and was a good cheerleader. However, she rose as a wrestler gradually and now is a pro with incredible ring skills. She also got famous as the first African American Smackdown women’s champion, who held the title for 140 days straight record. She is also a songwriter, and her famous song, ‘Dance All Night’ is quite popular on streaming platforms.

24. Natalya Neidhart:

Born in 1982 in Alberta, Canada, Natalya Neidhart is a popular women wrestler and is the first wrestler of the third female generation to join in WWE. She came from a wrestling family and had been training with her uncles right from her childhood. Natalya made her debut in 2008 and went on to gain limelight after winning titles as WWE Divas championship in 2010 and also SmackDown women’s champion in 2017. In addition to wrestling, Natalya also appeared in a TV reality show, Total Bellas.

25. Nikki A.S.H.:

The Scottish professional wrestler Nikki A.S.H is a popular WWE player currently. Born as Nicola Glencross, she is a former Raw women’s champion and is also WWE women’s tag team champion. She began her journey in 2008 and performed independently until she signed with WWE in 2016. She also holds the pro-wrestling EVE championship thrice.She is among the famous hottest WWE female action figures in contemporary era.

26. Persia Pirotta:

Born as Stephanie De Landre, Persia Pirotta (the ring name) is a popular Australian professional WWE wrestler. She is born in 1997 and performed with the NXT brand. She first began the independent circuit in 2017 and entered with WWE in 2021. Atsuch a young age, she has already won several championships, such as MCW women’s championship, Newy Pro women’s championship, and Newy Pro Invictus tournament.

27. Raquel González:

With the ring name Raquel Gonzalez, she is initially born Victoria Gonzalez in Texas in January 1991.The American professional wrestler is signed with Smackdown. She entered wrestling with the influence of her father, a wrestler. She made her debut in September 2014 and continuously won several championships. She won NXT women’s championship and also the tag team championship. In addition, the diva was ranked ten in PWI females in 2021. She is also soon to be wife of Braun Strowman.

28. Rhea Ripley:

Born in October 1996 in Australia, Rhea Ripley is a professional wrestler. Her birth name is Demi Bennett. She is currently signed with Raw. She entered WWE in 2017 as the first Mae Young Classic and been in independent circuit wrestling since 2013. Rhea was also the first woman to win NXT UK’s championship. Her fierce look on the ring is often influenced and inspires the new comers.

29. Sasha Banks:

If you are into watching WWE championships, you may already be aware of multiple times winner, Sasha Banks. Born in January 1992 in California as Mercedes Justine Kaestner-Varnado, she later turned into Sasha Banks when she entered her wrestling career. She was initially an independent wrestler in Boston and later entered WWE NXT after multiple promotions. The young woman has always been on the go without looking back, turning heads around with her dominance, strength and ring capabilities. She has already won WWE raw women’s championships five times, the Smackdown women’s championship one time, the Women’s tag team championship twice with Bayley, the NXT championship one time, and others like the Slammy award, triple crown and a grand slam. In addition, the diva was also named Female superstar of the year in 2020. Well, quite noteworthy, isn’t it!

30. Shotzi Blackheart:

Born as Ashley Urbanski in 1991, this WWE professional American wrestler is signed on the Smackdown brand. Her ring name is Shotzi Blackheart. Just in her debut, she defeated the opponent and came into popularity. She was NXT women’s tag team champion with Ember Moon and also won numerous other championships like the AWS women’s championship and EBPW ladies championship. She was also ranked in the top places several times over the years from 2017 onwards in Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI).

31. Sonya Deville:

Born as Daria Berenato in 1993, the diva is an American mixed martial artist and a famous professional wrestler. She is signed under the Smackdown brand with the ring name Sonya Deville to World wrestling entertainment (WWE). Sonya initially began in martial arts and later entered a WWE contract. She came into the limelight and popularity after participating ina tag team along with Alexa Bliss, and Mandy rose. She was ranked 72 and 60 in 2018 and 2019 in the PWI charts.

32. Summer Rae:

Summer Rae is truly an example of what we call as multi-talented. She is a professional American football player, wrestler, actress and model. Born in New York and raised in South Caroline, she was called Danielle Moinet before entering wrestling. She initially started her career with football and played for quite a few games; however,she later signed with WWE in 2011. She initially started as a ring announcer; after multiple promotions, she was in the general manager post. In 2013, she even came forefront in wrestling. According to PWI, Summer Rae was ranked 49 out of the top 50 women wrestlers in 2014.

33. Xia Li:

Have you ever heard of Chinese female wrestlers? Xia Li will stand tall as an inspiration and example. Born Zhao Xia, she is a Chinese professional wrestler currently with the WWE. She appears with the Smackdown brand. Born in July 1988, Xia is the first ever Chinese female diva to be a WWE superstar. As a result, we can all guess that she is globallyfamous for her courage and outrageous skills.

34. Zelina Vega:

Zelina was born in 1990 in New York. With the birth name Thea Megan Trinidad, she later turned into Zelina Vega after she signed WWE. Zelina is always popular globally as an unapologetic boxer and wrestler. Her outrageous and,the strong, competitive, powerful game often shocked and thrilled the audience. She signed with WWE in 2017 and wrestled under the Raw brand. In 2011, the magazine Pro Wrestling Illustrated awarded her as the Inspirational wrestler of the year.

35. Zoey Stark:

Zoey Stark (with the birth name Lacey Ryan) was born on January 25, 1994, in Utah. She is an American female professional wrestler signed with the WWE on the NXT brand. Zoey Stark has been in the news since she debuted in 2013; although she lost a match with the opponent, many praised her for her remarkable ring capabilities and courage. She won her first match in the same year in Ultra championship wrestling zero in the later months. She also participated in impact wrestling. Zoey Stark went on to win NWA UCW zero ultra X championship twice and continues to race in her career. Inspiring, isn’t it?

So, how many of these WWE female wrestlers in the world did you know before? We hope this list of famous names in the list of WWE women wrestlers has inspired you. Let us know your thoughts; we love to hear from you. Please note that the information on WWE female wrestlers and bio collected on women wrestlers are purely based on research from the web and does not include or contain any of our opinions.

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