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Top Trends from Paris Fashion Week Spring 2019

Everything you need to know about the designers, models, and trends gracing the runways at Paris Fashion WeekIn the end, Paris gave us an overarching positivity in seeing designers enjoying applying themselves to clothes to make people feel good.

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The sartorial marathon otherwise known as Paris Fashion Week finally drew to a close on Tuesday evening, and designers in the French capital managed to fill an epic nine days with desirable fashion for the upcoming season. As always, the runway remained the place to single out trends; some were a continuation of themes we’d seen before in New York, London, and Milan, though several were unique to the City of Light for Spring 2019.

The link between the 10 designers on this list is that the young and the senior alike overcame aggression and divisiveness, and brought a sense of cross-generational unity to the fore. Progressive thinking centered on refashioning the Parisian values of tailoring and dressmaking. That, and the creative integrity of the personal point of view.

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