10 Fashion Trends From the Runways – Spring 2019

All the Trends You Need to Know from the Spring 2019 Runways!

The Top 10 Spring 2019 Fashion Trends From the Runways. Trends for spring ranged from voluminous drama to insta-ready bike shorts. And that’s a wrap on another season of collections—but really, it’s just the beginning. Here, our 10 top looks from a season that favored bold shoulders, vacation-wear, pastels and a return to pretty.

The Spring 2019 runway shows are just wrapping up, so naturally it is time to review all the exciting trends from the latest collections. While these designs may not be on the retail racks for a few more months, you can get ahead of the style curve by prepping for these chic trends now.

BIKE SHORTS: The spring 2019 runways gave a new spin to traditional bike shorts through sartorial styling, updated fabrics and even a few unitard silhouettes.

COCKTAIL SHAKERS: WWD’s genre of the short, sexy dresses, garnished with ample sass and retro feel.

CRAFT FAIR: Artisanal flourishes lent an artful aura to the spring collections. Craft elements such as patchwork, fringing, fabric bundles and hand-painting infused the clothes with personality and emotion.

PICTORIALS: Pictorials were all over the spring runways in jacquards, intarsias and a multitude of prints. Interpretations ranged from beachside imagery and outdoor scenery at Etro and Prada to Jeremy Scott’s Polaroid self-portraits with edge.

PLEATS: These aren’t your typical folds. Designers plied their pleats into silhouettes that ranged from romantic to dramatic.

POET’S SLEEVES: The sleeve treatment of choice for spring 2019— ballooning — adds drama to silhouettes for day and night.

UTILITY: A flight suit here, cargo pants there, and pockets, pockets everywhere. The trappings of utility were all over the spring runways, as designers gave workwear tropes the chic treatment.

VOLUME: From larger-than-life silhouettes to dramatic details, volume proved to be one of the biggest trends 2019 on the runways.


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