Top 3 UGG Boots to Buy During the Clearance Sale

During the winter season, you want clothes that keep you warm and dry. For this reason, you purchase different types of jackets, sweaters, leggings or jeans, scarfs or shawls, boots, etc. One trouble area is the feet which do not warm easily. Nordstrom offers a wide range of UGG boots on clearance for women, men, and children. During the clearance sale, you will get UGG boots at inexpensive prices.

Here are some UGG boots that you can get in Nordstrom during their clearance sale:

Daelynn Boot
This short boot has a bow on one side that gives it a fresh look. It has an interior lining made of pure wool which provides you with lavish comfort and softness. While it may have a wool lining, it feels like original shearling. It has a 1” high heel and 7.5” shaft. This pair of women’s boots has a leather bow closure. All in all, it is one of the best pairs of UGG boots that you can buy during the clearance sale.

Dalvin Zip Boot
This imported pair of men’s boots is available in two colors – black and brown. This leather boot has a rubber sole. Its interior lining is made with leather and original shearling. UGG imports this shearling lining from China, Australia, Italy, Spain, USA, or New Zealand. These boots are popular due to their classic design. According to customer reviews, they are comfortable as well as stylish, making them the perfect pair for daily use. Additionally, they are weather-proof too. Most users love this product for its look and comfort.

Halfdan Waterproof Lace-Up Boot
As the name suggests, this boot comes with laces. It is available in just one color – brown. These leather boots are waterproof so you will remain dry and warm during the winter season, even if there is light snowfall. The footbed is a foam-cushioned. This feature makes the boot tremendously flexible, lightweight, and soft. The interior lining of this boot is crafted with wool, but when you wear these boots, it will feel like original shearling. You can find these boots by UGG in the men’s section of Nordstrom’s clearance sale.

These are some of the best UGG boots on clearance at Nordstrom. You’re sure to get a great discount on these boots.

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