5 Popular Hearing aids from Costco

Costco has a hearing aid center with a dedicated and skilled team. The team well-trained to carry out hearing tests, do product demos, and provide hearing aids. The centers make use of a soundproof booth to conduct hearing tests. Read on to know more about Costco hearing test, the various hearing aid brands available at Costco, and the benefits of buying hearing aids from Costco.

Costco Hearing test
Every local hearing aid center at Costco recommends a hearing test to new customers. It takes around one hour to complete the test. The test is done in a private room. After completing the tests, the staff will discuss the hearing test results with the customer and recommend several Costco hearing aids. Once the hearing aid is recommended, the staff will show various demos and discuss the different Costco hearing aids available in the store.

Hearing aid brands are available at Costco

The Kirkland Signature 7.0 are RIC hearing aids and are available in 12 different colors. They are convenient and have customized volume settings. They work by reducing whistling and offer a natural-sound experience.

There are three different types of Rexton hearing aids. these are as follows:

  • Legato MB BTE: It’s unique feature includes rechargeability of the batteries.
  • Legato Custom: One of the significant features of this hearing aid is flexible fit and good listening experience.
  • Legato IX: This is  CIC device, which does not require an impression or earmold.

The Resound Cala is available only at Costco and offers clarity, automatic sound adjustments based on location, apps to personalize the experience along with individual style preferences and customizations.

The following are different hearing aids offered by the Phonak at Costco:

  • Phonak Brio 2 R
  • Phonak Brio 2 B
  • Phonak Brio 2 P
  • Phonak Brio 2 I

Bernafon offers Suite range in Costco, which consists of the BTE, RIC and ITE models. Their essential features include Bernafon’s Audio Efficiency technology that offers premium sound experience in difficult listening environments.

Benefits of buying Costco hearing aids

  • There are various benefits of buying Costco hearing aids. The major reason is the convenience to have everything done at once. This includes a hearing test (if applicable), product demos by skilled staff, and consultations to find the hearing aid that works for each customer.
  • There is  a 180-day money back guarantee also. If a customer is not satisfied with Costco, the hearing aid can be returned within 6 months.
  • Costco also offers free of cost checkups after initial purchasing to make sure the hearing aids:
    • Fit properly
    • Work as intended
    • Or need fine-tuning
  • Costco hearing aids have affordable prices and good customer service.

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