Selena Gomez White Dress 2017-2018


White hot! Last night’s dress code was all-white everything. Selena Gomez wore the eggshell mini, which also showed off her killer legs, to the Spirit of Life event. She tossed her Pantene-endorsed black hair into a messy updo and slicked on orange-y red lipstick. But other than that, the dress remained the central focus of her look, as it should have been.

The long sleeves balanced out the general legginess of the look. Also, the deep V was sexy and all. But without the choker, it would have been just another mini dress with a super revealing neckline.

The frock was Gomez’s modernized take on a ’90s style. Of course she killed it. When doesn’t she? Gomez rarely flubs on the red carpet and when getting dressed up.Gallery:

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Jessica Ford
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