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The very best couture design trends are now staples in Prom Dresses including simple, classic silhouettes, high necklines, dramatic one sleeve and lace dresses. Affordable junior prom, graduation, plus-size formal dresses. Natalie Portman’s performance as Jacqueline Kennedy has made her a front-runner during awards season, so it’s only natural that she’d bring a little of that classic retro glamour to the red carpet. Stepping out at the Golden Globes tonight wearing a long-sleeved Prada gown with sequined detailing, Portman channeled the elegance Jackie O. was known for, while showing off a pregnancy-friendly silhouette. With its crystal embellishments and unexpected color, the look managed to appear modern, standing out amid a sea of pastels and black. Accessorizing the gown with a silver clutch, a retro bouffant, and vintage Tiffany & Co. jewelry from the 1910s, Portman and her stylist, Kate Young, pulled off a crowd-pleaser.

Natalie Portman’s dress Golden Globes

As one of the contenders for Best Actress in a Motion Picture—Drama, it’s likely all eyes will be on Portman tonight. By subtly reminding the audience of both her willingness to take risks and the fashion icon she’s portraying, Portman made a chic statement. Her chartreuse dress was eye-catching, understated, and a style choice of which Kennedy Onassis would have no doubt approved.

Natalie Portman’s dress
Natalie Portman’s dress Golden Globes2

She looks due any day now. 

And pregnant Natalie Portman made sure to accentuate her baby bump on Thursday as she attended the screening of Jackie In Washington DC.

The 35-year-old Oscar-winning actress showed off her growing baby bump in a form fitting long sleeved grey dress.

Natalie Portman Dresses


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