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We’ve taken the stress out of finding the perfect korean fashion dress, so you can focus on getting excited for your big day. Searching for some new looks to enhance your style in 2018/19?  Check out these new trending fashions that are fresh and stylish, straight from Korea. These 50 korean fashion dress are great for the upcoming spring, and will turn heads everywhere you go.

Importance of beauty is valued highly in Korean society. The standard of beauty has changed as k-pop idols are becoming the object of adoration among children and young adults. But which part of the physical traits in women are the most important?

On Pann, netizens discussed how differently women are treated depending on their appearance.

Titled “If Girls Are Pretty But Has Bad Personality,” here is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

“Even if the girls have bad personality, they are still popular if they are pretty. They may be selfish and use other people for their benefits, guys still like them and treat them like goddesses.”


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