Business casual dress for young women

We’ve taken the stress out of finding the perfect business casual dress for young women, so you can focus on getting excited for your big day.

The most common option of business casual for women is blazer set. Blazer is usually associated with formal style. Therefore, to get a casual look, you can choose a crop blazer and combine it with skinny knee-length skirt. When it comes to color option, you can choose brighter ones, such as white, soft pink, or soft blue. Another option is combination of short leather skit and twisted shirt.

Business Casual dress for young women with Chic Look

Pants are not forbidden as the option of business casual for women. Pants provide you with freedom of movement, particularly when you spend much of working hour doing outdoor activities or those that require you to move often. You can choose skinny jeans with dark tones, such as black, and combine them with a shirt, a blouse, or blazer. For a slightly formal look, palazzo or chino pants work great with a shirt or a blouse.

Business casual dress for young women 2018/19-2017

Business casual dress for young women 2018/19-2017


The business-casual dress code is one of the most difficult to define, and that might have something to do with the fact that it’s a complete oxymoron — seriously, how can one be “business” and “casual,” at the same time? Plus, it depends on where you work or where you’re going. For some, the look may veer more toward the uber-professional. For others, a more laid-back, less dressed up aesthetic is the norm. Either way, you’ve likely found yourself in front of your closet at one point or another with a giant question mark hovering over your head.GALLERY:

To navigate the business casual dress for young women, we’ve decided our definition includes looking polished, while still leaving a little wiggle room for fun via subtle ruffles, prints, and unexpected cuts. As long as your outfit adheres to your office dress code, there’s no reason to not get creative. That’s why we’re supplying you with the essentials that will get your workwear wardrobe on track. With a collection like this, that question mark is about to disappear.
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