Sun Dresses & Long Summer Dress 2017-2018

9 Apr , 2017

Sun Dresses & Long Summer Dress

When you want a stylish Sun Dresses, you don’t always want something that will cover your entire body. This is when you might want to reach for this Dress with the bardot neckline that shows off your shoulders and your chest. The wide straps still allow you to show off your arms while the textured look of the dress makes it possible for you to have a stylish element to a very attractive dress. The slight longer than lid length dress looks great when you add high heels to the mix. Wear this dress to a formal occasion with a long necklace to make sure you have the kind of look that will get you the right kind of attention. You can add a contrasting jacket to the look for cool nights that will be sure to maintain the formal look you’re going for with this dress.

Take It To The Maxi

Have fun with the playful prints and colors of a chic Long Summer Dress. Check out hot looks from designers like Calvin Klein and Michael Kors. Features like a tiered bodice and bandeau neckline complement a fashion-forward look that’s great for summer activities.

Now, if you have made the decision to send the message of power it will be very important for you to think about adding bold colors. One option would be for you to add a really bright, bold scarf around your neck. You can do the same with a hat or a purse that is bold. What about jewelry? Many people will stick with gold or silver. This is boring when you are wearing white. Try to find bracelets and earrings that have a lot of bold colors in them. If you are able to wear more than one bracelet at a time then you should do that as well. You are going to see that it is also really fun to wear some solid pieces along with others that have some texture on them.

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