Best Angelina Jolie Dress 2017-2018

9 Apr , 2017

Find and save ideas about Angelina Jolie Dress. See more about Angelina jolie, Angelina jolie hair, Angelina Jolie Dress. Mother of six and one of the most beautiful woman of our century. We’ve compiled Angelina’s best red carpet moments.


Angelina Jolie Dresses & Fashion – Photos & Outfits

Angelina Jolie starting her career as every inch the bad girl, she favoured gothic gowns with lots of leather and was happy to perpetuate the myths with stories of her wild marriage toBilly Bob Thornton (who could forget the vial of blood she wore around her neck?). Fast forward to the present day and she is a mother of six, one of the industry’s most dedicated charity workers, is married to Brad Pitt, received an honorary damehood from the Queenand favours a far more elegant and ladylike look.

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